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LocalTalk Cabling System

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The LocalTalk Cabling System is a reliable, user-configurable cabling option for linking computers and peripheral devices in an AppleTalk Network System. When used with the AppleShare file server, it gives you efficient access to information from other users' computers, and allows you to share peripherals such as the Apple LaserWriter printer cost-effectively. Unlike traditional networking systems, LocalTalk requires no com­plicated installation procedures. Be­cause LocalTalk capability is already built into every Macintosh and Apple IIgs computer, and the LaserWriter printer, you can set up a LocalTalk Cabling System in minutes.

You can also connect IBM PCs and other MS-DOS-compatible systems to LocalTalk, using the LocalTalk PC Card. The LocalTalk Cabling System features cables and connectors with locking mechanisms that pre­vent accidental disconnections.

  • Capacity of 32 nodes per network
  • Multiple networks can be linked
  • Based on AppleTalk Network System standard

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