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Logic Quest

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Explore a medieval courtyard and castle... and earn the skills to create your own. The first program in the 3-D Thinking Game series, Logic Quest uses three-dimensional, first-person perspective to create an educationally rich, engaging, and highly realistic learning adventure.

Claire the mastermind and her captivating computer creations have created a fantastic world of mazes, puzzles, and mysteries set inside level after level of "Courtyard" and "Castle" challenges. And now she's looking for a challenger who can master her ingenious, computer-designed reality. Are you that challenger? Logic Quest develops key thinking skills, including logic, problem solving, strategy, planning, mapping, patterning, spatial awareness, and creativity.

"Logic Quest" is based on The Learning Company's award-winning "Think Quick!," a classic program acclaimed for its comprehensive, open-ended approach to teaching essential thinking skills. Using the latest 3D first-person perspective technology, "Logic Quest" builds on the proven educational content of "Think Quick!" to create an entirely new program. The 3D technology not only heightens the engagement by creating a more realistic experience, but also provides an enhanced medium for teaching specific types of thinking skills such as spatial awareness, mapping, planning and designing.

A mysterious medieval village provides the setting for this learning adventure. In the Courtyard and Castle Challenges, players navigate their way to the castle top by deciphering secret panel rules, finding hidden objects, and maneuvering through a maze of doors. Using interactive aerial maps, players plan strategies to unlock a sequence of doors to earn passage to the next level. Adding to the challenge are flying bats that players must avoid. A narrated introduction and spoken player hints provide guidance throughout the game.

"Logic Quest," the first program in The Learning Company's 3D Series, features 12 progressively challenging levels of mazes in both regular and expert game modes, so players can experience a variety of challenges. The 3D technology used in "Logic Quest" provides a realistic first-person perspective that makes players feel as though they are actually traveling through the courtyard and castle -- without having to use special glasses or equipment. Thematic music and sound effects add to the engaging learning experience.

In addition to playing the game, children can construct their own 3D medieval worlds and challenge games, building creative thinking, planning and design skills while reinforcing concepts they can use to master the challenge games. Players can choose from creativity tools, including a variety of building structures, colors, textures, medieval characters, objects, landscapes, music and more. Narrated onscreen demonstrations provide easy-to-follow animated directions for the 3D construction activities.


Explore... Twelve Courtyard and Castle challenge-game levels filled with mystifying passages and clues. Outsmart the bats by using your fruit supply to keep them out of your way.

Solve 28 secret panel rules: Match traits in trios of shields, crowns, animals, coins, and over 300 medieval objects.

Map a strategy: Study the map, and plan a step-by-step route to the panels. But think ahead -- it gets tricky when opening a door blocks off other passageways in your plotted course.

Collect hidden pieces: Claire the mastermind has strategically hidden pieces you'll need to assemble characters who are instrumental in transporting you to higher levels. So leave no critical passageway or maze unexplored, because each piece is essential!

Direct the action: Once you assemble your characters -- a minstrel, a jester, a queen, and more -- they will help you perform essential tasks, like retrieving keys and unlocking passageways to advance you to the next level.

Design your own games: Drawing on the knowledge and experience you gain from Claire's challenges, you'll be ready to craft your own. You'll find all the tools you need to design 3-D challenge games, like secret panels, doors and door switches, and characters.

Build awe-inspiring worlds: Choose from walls, windows, doors, and more to assemble your courtyards and castles -- or any medieval environment. Color and texture your world with brick, stone, marble, wood, and a palette of more than 65 shades. Then bring your world to life with musical scores and sound effects!

System Requirements

"Logic Quest" requires an IBM computer or compatible with a Pentium/60 MHz processor or better with 8 MB of RAM, hard disk, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 256-color SVGA monitor and Windows-compatible sound card. The program requires DOS 5.0 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95) and a mouse (joystick optional). "Logic Quest" can be optimized for the player's specific computer system to provide the best possible performance.

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