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MMX (instruction set)

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MMX is an instruction set introduced by Intel with the Intel Pentium and Intel Pentium II line of processors.

The Pentium processor with MMX technology boasts three primary architectural design enhancements as compared to its predecessor, the Pentium processor:

  • New Instructions: powerful new instructions as compared to the Pentium processor to manipulate and process video, audio and graphical data efficiently.
  • SIMD: the Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) process allows the chip to reduce multiple compute-intensive loops common with video, audio, graphics and animation. It's like a drill sergeant telling an entire platoon, "About face," rather than commanding each individual soldier one at a time.
  • More Cache: doubled on-chip cache size (as compared to the Pentium processor) to 32K, reducing the number of times the processor has to access slower, off-chip memory areas for information.

Since the Pentium processor with MMX technology's debut in January 1997, Intel has released an even more powerful microprocessor, the Pentium II processor.