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MPW Development Environment

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The MPW Development Environment contains the MPW Shell, Macintosh interface libraries, resource tools, a linker, Projector, and other tools.

The MPW Shell is both a multiwindow text editor and a command interpreter. It recognizes more than 80 built-in commands, and can launch a special class of applications called integrated tools. MPW comes with more than 30 of these tools. Any supplied command or integrated tool can optionally display a dialog interface to assist the programmer in specifying any desired parameters before execution. New integrated tools and scripts can be easily created by the user, installed in a menu, and invoked by name or by menu item selection. The Shell offers the capabilities of a regular Macintosh-style mouse-­based text editor, including such functions as cut and paste, undo, search and replace, and markers.

Interface library files are included to provide complete Toolbox access to all Macintosh computers, and interfaces for writing applications compatible with the MultiFinder operating system. Interfaces are included so that programs can be easily integrated with the MPW Shell. Language-specific include files and sample programs and are provided with MPW Assembler, Pascal, and C.

Several tools are provided for creating and maintaining resource files; tools exist to compile and decompile resources, compare resource files, and check resource files for inconsistencies. The linker supports the object module format shared by the MPW Assembler, MPW Pascal compiler, MPW C compiler, and third-party language products.

The MPW Development Environment is most popular with developers working together as part of a large team and to those developers who wish to highly customize their development environment. It is also popular with developers who need a flexible environment which provides them with exacting control over their projects.

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