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MS-DOS 5.0 upgrade when STACKER is installed AND boot drive is SSWAPped

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                             TECHNICAL SUPPORT BULLETIN

  NUMBER:     014
  SUBJECT:    DOS5.0

  DATE:       June 18, 1991
  TIME:       5:11 PM

  SOURCE:         Tech Support

      MS-DOS 5.0 upgrade when STACKER is installed AND boot drive is SSWAPped.

      STACKER has been found highly compatible with MS-DOS 5.0.  This bulletin
      outlines the upgrade procedure to 5.0 on a system where the boot drive
      (usually C:) is SSWAPped with a STACKER volume.

      1) If STACKER has not yet been installed, the DOS 5.0 upgrade should be
      performed first, then STACKER should be installed.

      2) If:
          a) STACKER has been installed, AND
          b) the boot drive (usually C:) is NOT being SSWAPped (verify via
          SWAPMAP), AND
          c) there is enough room on C: (2.8 MB) for the MS-DOS 5.0 files, THEN

          simply run SETUP from the diskette drive.

      It may be necessary to free up room on C: for the MS-DOS files if there is
      not enough room for them.

      3) Otherwise, this procedure assumes that C: is the boot drive, and that it
      is SSWAPped with a STACKER volume. Type SWAPMAP from the \STACKER directory
      to verify.  It also assumes that DOS files reside in a directory called
      \DOS.  All of the following steps should be taken for a successful upgrade.

      1) Boot computer as usual.  Change directory to C:\ (root).

      2) Determine names of DOS hidden files:
              \STACKER\SDIR C:\ /H /P

      There are two system files required by DOS; on some systems they are
      MSDOS.SYS and IO.SYS; on others they are IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM.  Record
      which two are listed on the screen.

      3) Install MS-DOS 5.0 to diskettes:
      Regardless of density, an installation from 5.25-inch disks will require
      seven diskettes; if from 3.5-inch disks, installation will require four.
      The diskettes do not need to be formatted.  Insert Disk 1 to drive A:.  A
      different drive may be used.  Type

              A:SETUP /F

      and follow the instructions on the screen.  BE SURE to install MS-DOS 5.0 to
      diskettes that will fit the A: drive for later rebooting.

      4) Prepare to copy system files to STACKER volume:�

      Reboot from the hard drive.
      Change directory to C:\STACKER.  Insert the MS-DOS 5.0 STARTUP diskette to

      5) Remove attributes on MS-DOS 5.0 system files:
              SATTRIB -R -S -H A:\IO.SYS
              SATTRIB -R -S -H A:\MSDOS.SYS

      (If UNsuccessful, SATTRIB will return a message; otherwise it will simply
      return the DOS prompt.)

      6) Remove attributes on system files in STACKER volume:
      Refer to the DOS system files recorded in step (2).

          a) If IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS, type

              SATTRIB -R -S -H C:\IO.SYS
              SATTRIB -R -S -H C:\MSDOS.SYS

          b) If IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM, type

              SATTRIB -R -S -H C:\IBMBIO.COM
              SATTRIB -R -S -H C:\IBMDOS.COM
              DEL C:\IBM???.COM

      7) Copy MS-DOS 5.0 system files to STACKER volume:
              COPY A:\IO.SYS C:\
              COPY A:\MSDOS.SYS C:\
              COPY A:\COMMAND.COM C:\
              COPY A:\COMMAND.COM C:\DOS

      8) Reset attributes on diskette and STACKER volume:
              SATTRIB +R +S +H A:\IO.SYS
              SATTRIB +R +S +H C:\IO.SYS
              SATTRIB +R +S +H A:\MSDOS.SYS
              SATTRIB +R +S +H C:\MSDOS.SYS

      9) Copy COMMAND.COM to drive which was C: at boot time (SWAPMAP to verify).
              COPY A:\COMMAND.COM <swapped drive>:\
              COPY A:\COMMAND.COM <swapped drive>:\DOS

      Then REBOOT with the MS-DOS 5.0 STARTUP diskette in A:.

      10)Transfer system files to uncompressed (host) drive:
      Insert the MS-DOS 5.0 SUPPORT diskette.  From A: type

              SYS C:

      It may be necessary to re-insert the STARTUP diskette.  If successful, a
      "System transferred" message will display.

      11)Remove the diskette and reboot (from the hard disk).

      12)Install MS-DOS 5.0 files to hard drive:
      Move (or delete) existing DOS files from the directory where they reside on
      the compressed drive (usually C:\DOS) then copy in all of the MS-DOS 5.0
      files; this will preserve the paths for CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.
      Replace DOS files on the host volume (drive with which C: is SSWAPped�

      according to SWAPMAP) with the MS-DOS 5.0 versions.  Be sure that there is a
      copy of COMMAND.COM in each DOS directory.