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MTN HL Icons Read Me

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MTN HL Icons

By MadJack, Tuncer and Nighthawk. ICQ numbers are: MadJack-6635775, Tuncer-9339503, and NightHawk-17721335


You've downloaded MTN HL Icons! These icons were created by three Canadians, MadJack, Tuncer, and Nighthawk. Numerous ppl helped by supplying not only their personal icons, but some generic icons as well. The number of contributors is too large to list all of them, but my thanks goes to each and everyone of them.

Getting Your Icon's ID Number

Getting you icon's ID Number is pretty easy, and there are various ways to do it. You can download SSM's Icon Viewer, and use it to view the current User Icons set (ours!). You can also use a resource editing program (ResEdit), and open the "cicn" section. Once you have your ID Number, just follow the steps below.

How To Use Them

These icons are pretty easy to use, unless you have no F12 key. If you DON'T have an F12 key, find a progaram that emulates the F12 key, or get a better keyboard. Now if you don't want to do either you can download Avatar's Toolbar (unless of course you have Hotline 1.5.5, which does not allow custom toolbars because it is the crappiest version of hotline out there). This spiffy toolbar of Hotline includes a button marked Secrets so you can just press that.

Place the "User Icons" in the same folder as the Hotline app. Start up hotline and log onto your favorite server. Now, press control + F12. A window marked "Secret" will appear, with two boxes. In the first box, enter the word "icon", in the second box, enter the ID Number of the icon you wish to use. Once that's done, press "Execute". Open the options and hit save. Your icon should change

Icon ID Number Key

All icons that are positive are generic icons, and can be used by anyone. All numbers above and including 30 000 are personal/administrative and can only be used by person who made the icon, or the server's staff. Even if you really, really like someone's personal icon, you cannot use it. Hey, if you like it that much, submit your own icon!

Getting Your Own Personal Icon

Simply upload you icon in either pict format or in a ResEdit doc, under the cicn resource. For that, goto our website.

To u/l it, you'll need an account or banner access. If you can't get either, plz email your icon to: [email protected]

Simply make you icon, make a readme with your email/ICQ Number and your User Name. Compress them both into one file and name the compressed file "<Your Name>'s HL Icon". It doesn't matter what type of compression you use.

Icon Guide Lines:

Personal icon/banners can be no more than 236x16 pixels. Icons bigger than that will be rejected. Icons can't have anything nasty in them (if u can't figure this out, don't submit an icon). Other than that, go nuts!

Thanx for picking our icons!

The guys responsible:

MadJack: [email protected]

Tuncer: [email protected]

Nighthawk: [email protected]