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MacApp is Apple's premiere application framework for creating professional user-friendly, robust, object-oriented Macintosh applications. Commercial developers, consultants and in-house programmers can use MacApp to build advanced powerful applications while freely inheriting characteristics common to all Macintosh applications.

MacApp is an ideal application development framework because it combines the industry standard language C++ with the industry standard in ease-of-use platform, Apple's Macintosh, to provide a customizable vehicle for developing and deploying world-class software products.

MacApp was the first application framework in the market and has been proven to be a reliable and mature product -- so with MacApp you will be debugging your own code, not the framework. MacApp is a powerful and complete framework and brings to you all the code for a generic Macintosh application including the nuances of the Macintosh Toolbox and Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

With MacApp you can shorten your development cycles by leveraging both object-oriented technology and a Macintosh-ready framework. With a single development effort you can create applications for both the 68K and Power Mac platforms.

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