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MacDFT is a full-function 3270 terminal emulation program that enables personal computers in the Macintosh II family of sys­tems to communicate with IBM mainframes. This application provides both Control Unit Terminal (CUT) and Distributed Function Terminal (DFT) emula­tion of IBM 3270 Information Display Systems.

The MacDFT application software works with the Apple Coax/Twinax Card to allow single-session CUT emulation or up to five-session DFT 3270 emulation. Files can be trans­ferred to or from mainframes running VM/CMS or MVS/TSO using the IBM IND$FILE pack­age. MacDFT supports text, binary, and MacBinary file transfers.

MacDFT stays active in the background under MultiFinder. Copy and paste functions between the Macintosh and mainframe applications are supported using the Clipboard. This allows the user to transfer data easily between an applica­tion on the mainframe and a local application on the Macintosh desktop.


  • 3270 Information Display Systems emulation
  • Support for 3270 screen formats 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • Distributed Function Terminal (DFT) support
  • Integrated file transfer between Macintosh II systems and IBM mainframes running VM/CMS or MYS/TSO
  • Keyboard remapping
  • Keystroke record and playback
  • Supports both the Apple Coax/Twinax Card and the Apple TokenTalk NB Card

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