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The MacX25 software links Apple Macintosh personal computers to packet-switched data networks (PSDNs) support­ing CCITT Recommendation X.25. MacX25 server software allows a Macintosh to be set up as a single entry point to the PSDN. Access to host computers and end-user services on the PSDN is distributed from the server to Macintosh computers over the AppleTalk network system. MacPAD software, included with MacX25, works in conjunc­tion with the server software and provides packet assembler/dis­assembler (PAD) connectivity to the PSDN.

Implemented as a con­nection tool for the Macintosh Communications Toolbox, MacPAD allows terminal applica­tions using the toolbox to con­nect to host systems on the PSDN. MacX25 features an adminis­trator's application that facilitates configuration and administration of the server. An address service allows administrators to set addressing details on the Macin­tosh server, presenting MacPAD users with a menu listing avail­able hosts and end-user services by name. Users connect to services simply by selecting the appropriate name - they aren't required to know PAD com­mands and address numbers. The MacX25 Programming Library (available separately) works in conjunction with the MacX25 server to provide X.25 access to applications, enabling developers to create Macintosh solutions that give users access to packet-switched networks.

Technical Summary

MacX25 supports the following:

  • CCITT 1980 Compatible Mode
  • CCITT 1984 Compatible Mode
  • Packet Assembler/Disassem­bler (X.3, X.28, X.29)
  • Operation as a DTE
  • Operation as a DCE
  • Virtual Circuits: 64 maximum
  • Single link for each Apple Serial NB Card
  • Multiple cards for each Macintosh II
  • Operation at up to 19.2Kbps with RS-232C
  • Operation at up to 64Kbps with V.35

MacX25 Programming Library

The MacX25 Programming Library allows developers to create soft­ware solutions that provide users with access to a packet-switched data network. It works in conjunc­tion with the MacX25 server to provide X.25 services to application programs. The library is a toolkit, or collec­tion of routines, that offers a high­-level program interface for applica­tions. Routines are included for initiating and terminating contact with the MacX25 server, establishing and closing down a virtual circuit, passing data across an established circuit, and more.

C programming libraries are supplied with the MacX25 Programming Library. Routines are included that allow users to connect and disconnect from the server and to query server status and circuit information. A packet-level interface using control blocks is provided for developers who require maximum control. A higher-level logical packet interface, also pro­vided, performs data translation and formatting services, creates X.25 packets, and relieves the programmer of some lower-level tasks. The MacX25 Program­ming Library includes a programmer's guide.

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