MacZombie Threat Chat Transcript

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From the early 2000s. Original document can be found at

    MacZombie:  So I hear you guys like to steal from Carracho servers?
Adam.Atomical:  I hear you hear things
     netfreak:  as do i
    MacZombie:  Well be prepaired to be taken down in a week or so.
    MacZombie:  Good day.
     netfreak:  hahaha
     netfreak:  what did we steal
     netfreak:  i want to hear this
     netfreak:  i'm waiting..
    MacZombie:  Oh and I hope to god your not using OS X to serve this server.
     netfreak:  you going to attack me? LOL
          Zak:  What would be wrong with using OS X to run a hotline server?
    MacZombie:  I guess you'll find out won't you?
Adam.Atomical:  heh
     netfreak:  maczombie i welcome your attempts to do whatever. if you do somehow disable me, i'm sure my friends at roadrunner will hear from me
    MacZombie:  Well until then lamers.
          Zak:  I think netfreak should add to hosts.deny
    MacZombie:  :D
Adam.Atomical:    6:51pm  up 47 days, 23:16,  5 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.36, 0.34
     netfreak:  and he downloaded a file
     netfreak:  i find that funny
Adam.Atomical:  5 users monitoring the box
Adam.Atomical:  welcome to the world of higher intellect
    Gunner.pb:  you have been silenced
          Zak:  What'd he download?
     netfreak:  objective c
Adam.Atomical:  haha
Adam.Atomical:  what a dork
     netfreak:  i cant wait for him to script me

btw MacZombie is

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