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       %%%                 by o l e B U Z Z A R D                 %%%
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       %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%10-Mar-94 %%%%


 Well, I'm back again with a shorty but goody for my friends in the Mac world.
 Mac users are generally regarded as wArEz-d0oDz or k0dEz/KydZ and nothing
 more. Well this is true to an extent. A lot of Mac users due content
 themselves with Pirating warez and nothing more, but that's less by choice and
 more a result of under-education in the area of Hacking and Phreaking.
 Pirating is easy, but Hacking and Phreaking require a profound knowledge of
 certain technologies, and moreover to effectively h/p requires an IBM. "Why"
 you ask. Simple, IBMs have all the good warez. I hate trying to hack or
 phreak on the Macintosh. Macs have NO good warez. There's only a few war
 dialers for the Mac and they ALL have bugs. There's only one NUA attacker, a
 program called Sprint Mole.  Sprint Mole works pretty good but it has a
 fundamental bug in it in that it doesn't properly facilitate the 99 attempt
 limit on most SprintNet dial-ins. Very bad. Anyway the fact is Macs have few
 good h/p warez while there are hundreds for the IBM. So be it. At least Mac
 users can use IRC.


 What is IRC? IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is a multi-user chat
 program which provides a "virtual area" for Internet users around the world 
 to convene and chat.

 Well that of course is the PC (politically correct) description of IRC. What
 IRC is really, is a place for phreaks to talk phreak shit, hacks to talk hack
 shit, whores to talk whore shit, and bulls to know. 


 To make IRC work you need two things: [one] A VAX or UNIX account with Telnet
 ability [two] the IRC client. Now in the following parts I will discuss
 setting up the IRC client. If you already have this knowledge then skip this
 part and go to the part on USING IRC.


 Ok provided you have a VAX or UNIX account, what you will need to do is FTP
 (File Transfer Protocol) to a server and get the client. Once you have
 downloaded the client to your local work space you will need to compile and
 link it and configure it, and after that you're almost there. "Whoa oB, what
 the fuck are you talking about?!" Sorry, well let me go through the process
 step by step for the VAX, UNIX and Macintosh clients.

 Well the first thing you will need to do is FTP to a server site which has
 the IRC client.  Now I don't want to go much into to FTP, but basically what
 FTP is, is a service offered by many sites which allows you to "ftp in" to
 their sight via your VAX or UNIX account, and download files from their
 server to your local account workspace. You can then download files from your
 workspace to your local computer. For the sake of IRC you will not need to
 d/l beyond your local workspace. The clients you will be downloading are
 either for the VAX or the UNIX operating system and after they are downloaded
 you can compile and configure them and run them to access IRC.

 So at this point you need to FTP to a spot and get the client. The following
 is a list of places where you can get the client according to what type of
 account you have. Following this list I will discuss setting up the clients
 for the particular system. Quick FTP note: from within the VAX or UNIX shell
 type 'ftp'. Then type 'open'. Enter the name of one of the server sites listed
 below. Once you are connected, enter the user 'anonymous'. For your password
 enter your E-mail address (i.e. user@host name). That's all there is
 to FTP. By the way use the 'cd' command to change directory (i.e. cd

  IRC Client Sites

   UNIX Clients --'cd /irc/clients'
         'cd pub/net.irc'
         'cd pub/unix/irc'

   VAX Clients  --'cd /irc/clients/vms'
   Mac Clients  --'cd /irc/clients/macintosh'
         'cd info-mac/comm'

 Alright, once you have ftp'd in and changed to the correct directory, use the
 'get' command to download the IRC client to your local work space. Now you
 may be wondering what the file name is that you need to download. Well I don't
 know exactly, cuz it could be called anything. It should be pretty self
 evident. The one I d/ld was called 'IRC.COM'. *Important* Download any filez
 entitled something like IRC.HELP or the like. Read these files before doing
 anything else. Once you have downloaded the filez type 'bye' to return to
 the main prompt of your shell.

  VAX IRC Client

   Once you have the client on your directory you will need to compile and
   link it. Your VAX should have the ability to do this. From the main prompt
   type @<filename>. It will take about 10 minutes or so. Once your client has
   compiled itself you will need to make or modify your '' file.
   Printout the help file that should have unpacked with the .com file. Type
   'tpu' to enter the text editor. From the TPU hit CTRL-B and then type
   'open'.  Once you have opened the .com file define the following

       DEFINE ircserver = "<servername>" -- (see list of Servers below)
       DEFINE ircname = "<username>"     -- This is usually some short quote 
                                            like "Fuck You" or "I'm a Dumbass"
       DEFINE ircnick = "<nick name>     -- This is usually your alias    
   Once you've defined the above info hit CTRL-B again and type 'exit' and 
   your file will be saved. Next compile the .com file by typing You can now skip to the section entitled USING IRC.

  UNIX IRC Client

   For UNIX accounts you will want to get the IRC-II client. From your UNIX
   account you will want to do the following from the Bourne Shell:

       sh> mkdir irc
       sh> cd irc
       sh/irc> ftp enter one of the above listed site names for UNIX clients>
               enter Username: anonymous Password: <user@host>
       ftp> bin
       ftp> get
       ftp> get ircII2.x.tar.z
       ftp> bye
       sh/irc> zcat ircII2.x.tar.z | tar xvf  -
       sh/irc> cd IRCII2.x

       From this point you need to read the installation docs that will be in
       this directory.  Remember '-ls' to list current directory, 'cat
       <directory/filname>' to view a file, 'cd <directory name>' to change
       directories. If you need more help e-mail

  Macintosh IRC Client

   Well if you have an Internet SLIP or Point-to-Point (PPP) account, you can
   use a number of Mac IRC clients. These clients allow you to connect to IRC
   through your desktop which will provide you greater manipulation of the IRC
   host server. To use the Mac IRC Client you will need MacTCP 2.x and
   InterSLIP or MAC PPP depending on whether you have a SLIP account or a
   Point-to-Point account. The best Mac IRC clinet is called Homer 0.9x. Homer
   is a *VERY* nice GUI IRC client. Its easy to use and very cool. Another Mac
   IRC client worth mentioning is IRCle. Shareware, but easy to use.

  Which IRC Server?

   In the process of configuring IRC you will be asked to DEFINE ircserver
   you want to connect to. Generally it is best to connect to one close to you
   so to prevent lag or being out of sync. The following is a list of IRC
   servers. of Colorado at Boulder in Scandanavia of Arkansas Netherlands Institute of Technology East Univerity
  This is a short and very incomplete list, but in general it really doesn't
  matter were you connect to. From my experience the chat is the same and the
  lag is usually unnoticeable.  I usally use, its very 
  reliable and usually doesn't netsplit.


 Well now that you have your client installed and configured, you're ready to
 got. To Start the client from UNIX or VAX just enter 'irc' from the shell
 prompt. For Homer, on the Macintosh, just run Homer and it will automatically
 connect. Once you have connected to an IRC Server site you should se a screen
 like this:

*** Connecting to port 6667 of server
*** Welcome to the Internet Relay Network oB
*** If you have not already done so, please read the new user information with 
*** Your host is irc.Colorado.EDU, running version 2.8.16
*** This server was created Mon Feb 21 1994 at 19: 21:57 MST
*** umodes available oiws, channel modes available biklmnopstv
*** There are 2202 users and 1103 invisible on 123 servers
*** There are 79 operators online
*** 1 : unknown connection(s)
*** 1118 channels have been formed
*** This server has 283 clients and 5 servers connected
*** - irc.Colorado.EDU Message of the Day -
*** - -=[ Welcome to the University of Colorado IRC Server. ]=-
*** - Fri Mar 25 11:39:54 MST 1994                \
*** -                                              * This server ALWAYS works *
*** - Important:  If you're having a problem connecting, try ports
*** - 6665 and 6666.  e.g. irc nickname
*** -
*** - DO NOT.. repeat.. DO NOT /load a script going around
*** - by the name 'ircop.op' or 'ircop.irc' or some variation thereof.
*** - It WILL remove all your files in your unix account. Just say no.
*** -
*** - BOTS: Due to increasing server load, the admins of this server
*** - reserve the right to ban or otherwise discriminate against any
*** - BOTS or other automatons.
*** -
*** - If you have any questions about how to access the client
*** - on CU machines finger irc@ucsu for answers.
*** -
*** -                           ian
*** - -[  Questions can be directed at me (irc@ucsu)   ]-
*** -
*** -   -=Runaway Daemon=-

 Your cursor will be at the bottom of the screen and you're ready to go. IF
 Provided you finally get connected, here are some basic commands you can do 
 from IRC (remeber all commands begin with a '/'

      /names -- This command list the names of users on IRC
      /list  -- List the names of 'channels' or forums on IRC.  Theres 
                usually at least a couple hundred.
      /join  -- This is used to join an existing channel or make your own 
                channel. To join a channel you must enter /join #<channel>.
      /msg   -- use this to send a private messge to a user. (ie /msg oB 
                You're so cool, I wanna be just like you)
      /whois -- This will finger a user (so to speak). It will tell you the
                users username, nickname and host server.
      /help  -- This will give you about three pages of help so you can be an
                IRC virtuosos.

 Heres a list of popular channels where theres usually lots of people to talk
 shit...uh...I mean chat to.

      #hottub     #sex      #realsex     #netsex     #lesbian     #phreak
      #mac        #irc      #trek        #unix       #vax         #drugs
      #espanol    #dyke     #games       #hack       #politic     #ob <:

 Well, thats it. My board is temporarily down do to fed trouble, but you can 
 call it anyway and here the heavy breathing of secret agents...seeya...oh and 
 look for more .oB filez comin' your way...

 k0p % kn0wledge phreak % 24ookb-14.4kb % 303.382.5968 %  0pin twYn-t-4 Sevun

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