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Mac OS Runtime for Java

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Up to five times faster than previous versions, Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1.2 is designed to run today’s real-world Java applications, offering full compatibility with version 1.1.7 of the Java development Kit (JDK) from Sun Microsystems.

In addition, MRJ 2.1.2 allows Macintosh developers to extend the capabilities of Java applications by coupling them to core Apple technologies, including QuickTime and AppleScript.


MRJ 2.1.2 offers the following technologies and features:

  • Symantec Corporation’s high-performance Just In Time (JIT) compiler for Java, as well as graphics, imaging, threading and networking enhancements which together increase the speed of Java software running on Mac OS up to 500%.
  • Compliance with Sun’s JDK version 1.1.7, bringing new Java features to Mac OS and maximum compatibility with current Java applications. Includes JavaBeans, the JAR File Format, Math Package, Remote Method Invocation, Internationalization, Object Serialization, Reflection, Java Database Connectivity, Inner Classes, Java Native Interface, Security and Signed Applets.
  • AppleScript makes Java programs scriptable. Java applications (created with JBindery) as well as applets executed in the Apple Applet Runner can be controlled by AppleEvents sent by scripts or other Mac applications.
  • Support for QuickTime for Java, planned as part of an upcoming release of QuickTime, Apple’s market-leading digital media architecture.
  • Support for Swing, a set of user interface technologies which bring Macintosh look and feel to Java applications.


With MRJ 2.1.2, you can run applets and full applications written in Java. Sun has many examples in Java Technology in the Real World. In addition, you’ll find state of the art applications from companies such as Autodesk, Oracle and Zero G.

Applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Apple Applet Runner work with MRJ. Current versions of Netscape Communicator and Navigator up to and including 4.5 use their own internal Java virtual machine and cannot be configured to use MRJ. Apple and Netscape are working together to develop a future version of Netscape’s browser that will use MRJ.


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