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Mac Sys SW for PowerPC Goes Beta - 11/15/1993

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Macintosh System Software for PowerPC Goes Beta;
More Developers Commit to Macintosh Platform on PowerPC

LAS VEGAS, Nevada--November 15, 1993--Apple Computer, Inc. today
announced that it has passed a major milestone in the development of
Macintosh systems based on the PowerPC microprocessor.  System 7 for
PowerPC has reached the beta stage, which means that development work
for the software has been completed and is now undergoing final
testing. System 7 is the operating system for Macintosh personal
computers.  Apple made the announcement at the COMDEX show, which
opened here today.  Additionally, six more key developers from around
the world announced support for the Macintosh with PowerPC platform.

[...deleted quotes about this keeping PowerPC Macs on schedule for the first
 half of 94 and how wonderful Apple says the PowerPC Macs will be...]

		     New developers show support

Six additional third-party Macintosh developers, spanning the U.S.
and Europe, today announced plans to deliver new versions of their
applications that tap the power and performance of Macintosh with
PowerPC.  The six developers include the following:
-- ABVENT SA, France-based developers of ZOOM, a three-dimension
modeling and rendering package targeted principally for product and
industrial design use.
-- Brossco Oy, Finland-based developers of Voyant, a graphical
reporting tool for relational databases.
-- CTM Development SA, Switzerland-based developers of personal
communications and telephony applications, including VoiceAccess,
a line of voice-mail solutions, and TeleSearch CD-ROM based
telephone directory solutions.
-- Dantz Development Corp., a leading worldwide supplier of backup
software for standalone and networked Macintosh computers including
Retrospect, Retrospect Remote, DiskFit Direct, and DiskFit Pro.
-- Graphsoft, Inc., developers of a range of software products for
engineers, architects, illustrators, and designers, including MiniCad,
a 2D/3D CAD package, Blueprint, a 2D CAD application, and Azimuth, a
mapping program.
-- Hi Resolution Ltd., U.K.-based developers of several applications
desktop control and network control, monitoring, and management
products for education and corporate markets, including MacPrefect,
MacVisa, and MacSupervisor.
This brings the total number of developers who have announced
applications support on Apple's PowerPC platform to 24.