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Macintosh 12" Monochrome Display

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The Macintosh 12" Monochrome Display offers users of modular Macintosh computers the lowest­ cost option for high-resolution display of text and graphic images. It is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to view text and graphics in black and white or gray scale.

With a new "page-white" phosphor screen and dark glass, the Macintosh 12" Monochrome Display offers high brightness and sharp contrast. Its 12-inch, 640- by 480-pixel screen shows the full width and more than half the height of a letter-size page. It can also display up to 256 levels of gray simultaneously, depending on the Macintosh computer or video card to which it is connected.

  • 12-inch monochrome CRT
  • 640 horizontal pixels by 480 vertical lines at 76 dots per inch (dpi)
  • 67-hertz screen refresh rate
  • Horizontal scan rate: 35.0 kilohertz
  • Vertical refresh rate: 66.7 hertz
  • Rise and fall time: 16 nanoseconds maximum
  • Power: 30 watts maximum
  • RS-343 standard; TTL composite sync

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