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Macintosh 12" RGB Display

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The Macintosh 12" RGB Display is Apple's lowest-cost color display for Macintosh computers. It deliv­ers the same high performance that you have come to expect from Apple color displays in a bold new industrial design and at a lower cost. The Macintosh 12" RGB Display produces bright, vibrant colors on a high-contrast screen that displays the full width of text on a letter-size page. It supports simultaneous dis­ play of color graphics and text and offers excellent focus for sharp, clear images. The Macintosh 12" RGB Display can be used with any Macintosh personal computer that has a built­ in video port or is equipped with an appropriate video card.

  • 12-inch CRT with full analog RGB color
  • 512 horizontal pixels by 384 ve1tical lines at 64 dots per inch (dpi)
  • 0.28-mm dot pitch
  • 60-hertz screen refresh rate
  • 90° deflection angle
  • Phosphor type P22 (aluminized)
  • Shadow mask
  • Red, green, and blue video signals using RS-343 standard; TTL composite sync

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