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Macintosh Amateur Radio Software - June 1994

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Date: Wed,  8 Jun 1994 15:31:42 -0400
From: "Terry M. Stader" <[email protected]>
Subject: Mac Ham Radio

Expires: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 0600 GMT
Approved: [email protected]

Macintosh Amateur Radio Software - June 1994
Version 1.0.7

Please feel free to distribute this list as widely as possible. Many of you have asked if it is OK to cross-post this list? I don't mind, but I would like to know where it is going. If you think it should be cross-posted to other USENET groups, please let me know so I can try and manage these. We don't want to have any duplication or our welcome will be wore out!

Those of you that can tell me about ANY of these programs compatibility with System 7 would be appreciated! I am going to be adding a System 7 compatability section to EACH description in future releases. If the application is KNOWN to execute properly under System 7, the System 7 anotation will be placed as the last line of the product description. More clarification on levels of System 7 compatibility in the future editions... but this is a start!

Some of the information in this list was gleaned from flyers supplied by the software vendors, or in some cases from reviews in amateur radio publications or the README files included with the archive. Some of the information has not been verified for a long time; please check with the vendors/authors for the latest product specs, pricing, etc.

NEW/CHANGES: I am continuing to add more version numbers so that our
users will know if they have the most current release. Thanks to
those that have already sent them in... I'll accept all corrections!

The newest e-mail I have received indicates a new product soon to be released for the Mac which has been in the DOS world for awhile... the Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) is currently being beta'd. It is expected to be released soon.

The ftp site at The World is no longer. It has been moved to  Scott-WY1Z is maintaining these file as the
Librarian of the Boston Amateur Radio Club. Look in the following
path:  /pub/hamradio/mac. If you'd like to archive your
software.files here, please contact Scott at [email protected]

Finally we are starting to see soem advances in Callbook data for the Mac. Mark Sproul, author of Packet Tracker, has completely revised the HAMCALL application that first appeared in the Oct 92 issue of the Buckmaster HamCall CD-ROM. This one is very nice. Well done Mark! RT Systems in Huntsville, AL has included a Mac interface for their SAM database. No information on this one just yet... but some Mac users will be getting information to me soon.

Check at the bottom of this list for more information on ftp'able
sites carrying Amateur Radio software. The ARRL ListServer is also
carrying the latest version of this list... in case you loose this

*** Collections ***
<MacNet v5.31>
 Join MacNet and get included in the latest version of "Macnet
Roster", a HyperCard 2.x stack that now has > 400  members and is
the proverbial "Who's Who" of hams using Macs. You'll find "Macnet
Roster" a great tool for finding out who, what and how other hams
are using their Macs with their ham stations.  It even includes
this file!
 Send $30.00($40.00 DX) check or money order to: WD1V, John Seney,
144 Pepperidge Drive Manchester, NH 03103 USA.
 All disks shipped First Class Mail PPd. Get the COMPLETE Macnet
Software Collection ppd. on 10 disks!
 Based on your interests, you'll also receive public domain shareware received by our members. 
 System 7

<Project Mac>
 Contest logging, antenna design, satellite tracking, clip art,
etc. Microsoft BASIC required for many of the programs. Most of
this software is now available in the MacNet collection.  Send
three formatted 800K Macintosh disks with stamped, self-addressed
disk mailer to Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, One Glen Ave., Wolcott, CT
06716-1442. Stan can be reached at [email protected]
 NOTE: Stan has indicated much of this software is "old" and may not work on some newer Macs. Also he notes that most of his collection is available in the MacNet collection above. He will send anyone what he has if you send him the disks and SAS mailer.

<Amateur Radio Software for Macintosh>
 Extensive catalog including logging, Morse code, gray line, test
preparation, satellite tracking, contesting, and packet radio
 ZCo Corporation, P.O. Box 3720, Nashua, NH 03061. NOTE: This company has been rumored to be out of business!

<Amateur Radio #1>
 Contains satellite tracking, Morse code, attenuator design, and
Ohm's law calculator programs.  Kinetic Designs, P.O. Box 1646,
Orange Park, FL 32067.

*** Test preparation ***
<Ham Test Stacks>
 HyperCard stacks containing the entire question pool for each
license class. Can be used for preparation or generating actual
tests.  The current releases are: Novice v4.1(new questions eff.
7/1/93), Technician v4.0(new questions effective 7/1/93), General
v2.4, Advanced v2.4, Extra v2.4.
 Available via anonymous FTP from various sites, including (/pub/ham-radio). NOTE: The newest releases of Novice and Technician stacks are available at (5/6/93) Author is available via Internet: [email protected]
 NOTE: Diana no longer is supporting this software, she no longer has a Macintosh computer. Diana thanks for your wonderful contribution to the Amateur Radio community for these stacks!
 System 7 savy with HyperCard 2.1

 Test generators and study aids for the Technician, General,
Advanced, and Extra class written elements. Includes the complete
question pool for each license. Hypercard based.
 Coyne Co., P.O. Box 2000-200, Mission Viejo, CA 92692. 
 System 7 with HyperCard 2.1

*** Morse code practice ***
<N6MZV Morse Trainer>
 Lets you practice any combination of letters, numbers, and/or
punctuation characters. Can send user-created text files.
 RT Martin, N6MZV, 10382 Orange Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014. Also
available via anonymous FTP from (/pub/ham-radio).

<Morse Code Tutor v1.6> - used to be called Morse Tutor
 Sends random groups of letters, numbers, and/or punctuation
characters.  Available via anonymous FTP from
(/pub/ham-radio). Or send formatted 800K Macintosh disk with
stamped, self-addressed return disk mailer to Jack Brindle, WA4FIB,
726-175th Street SW, Bothell, WA 98012; Compuserve: 73365,606.

<MorseMania V1.0>
 Designed for those already familiar with Morse code who want to
improve their speed. Allows code practice at various speeds and
audio pitches. Can generate random sequences or play the contents
of user-created text files. Freeware.  Available via anonymous
FTP from (/pub). Contact Edward Plumer,
KM6IQ, for more information; Internet: [email protected]

 Randomly sends chosen characters. Lets you create your own practice
files.  David A. Kall, 700 Marine Parkway #314, New Port Richey,
FL 34652.

<MacMorse v1.3>
 MacMorse is designed to help you learn Morse code and improve your
receiving speed. It has several ways that it can send letters and
punctuation.  Shareware.  Doug Havenhill, Dynamics and Control,
7143 West Sunnyside Drive, Peoria, AZ 85345.

 Sends random words, random character groups, and user-created text
files. Can also create simulated QSOs with randomly generated text
and callsigns.  Avant Systems, P.O. Box 5437, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

<Zihua Morse>
 Designed to teach Morse code to beginners and to improve the
accuracy and speed of advanced users. Responses can be typed into
the computer; the program will calculate accuracy and timing
statistics for each session. Optional speech synthesizer reads
the characters out loud for an accuracy check.  Zihua, P.O. Box
51601, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

<Sparks-II v2.0.5>
 More Code training program.  Available for anonymous ftp at /pub/davidj/radio

<Morse Master v1.0>
 The newest of the morse code training programs. MM calculates the
real speed as follows: Real speed = Number of Words/end time -
start time. And the lengh of word is generating randomly, so if
you set even 5WPM, sometimes another value will appear. However
you should believe the slidebutton's value. If you repeat many
times, the average speed should be 5WPM (if not... anyway, believe
the slidebutton's value).  Archive is available,
path: mac/util/organization/morsemaster1.0.sit.hqx The author can
be reached thru the following e-mail addresses:
[email protected] (Eiji AOL account is no longer
valid - moved back to Japan after his studies.)

<Morse Trainer-US v1.1.1>
 MorseTrainer is a powerful tool for learning and training Morse
code. Features: Three different training modes: user text, random
text, library text; Arbitrary signal pitch and timbre; Arbitrary
speed and tempo; Multi-alphabet support; Random text generator;
Text library editor; On-line alphabet; On-line manual; Help
Balloons; And a lot more. New features in 1.1: Enhanced sound
generator, volume control and risetime control. The pitch is set
in steps of 10Hz instead of using MIDI frequencies; Speed and
tempo limits increased to 80 words/minute as a result of the
enhanced sound generator; User-selectable font in the Misc settings
dialog.  FREEWARE!
 This version uses TrueType fonts instead on bitmaps fonts so that
the user can distinguish 0(zero) from O(character). Furthermore
speed and tempo can be given in either characters/minute or
words/minute.  Archive is available, path:
mac/util/organization/ Author is available via internet:
[email protected] 
 System 7 savy

<CW Speed Builder v3.0>
 This program is for improving Morse Code (CW) reception skill.
The major difference between this and other Morse Code training
programs is that this one will not continue sending until you
provide the correct answer.  Major changes which have been suggested
and implemented since last version include: after three incorrect
responses the program shows the correct character; the list of
characters at the end which will show those you know and those
you need more practice on; the frequency of the tone has been
changed; volume of the tone has been reduced; the character " - "
has been added ( dah dit dit dit dah ) Comments can be sent as
follows: America Online:K7UPJ, Internet:[email protected], Packet
radio:[email protected], Compu$erv:70521,2356, Mail:Box 84, Cascade, MD

*** Packet and other digital modes ***
<NET/Mac 2.3.40>
 Allows simultaneous TCP/IP, AX.25, and NET/ROM connections. Requires a TNC with KISS mode. Copyright, but free for noncommercial use. The latest releases have added support of multi-port serial boards like AE's QuadraLink. It is now possible to have up to 16 TNCs connected up to a Nubus Mac!
 Adam van Gaalen, PA2AGA, (Internet: [email protected]) has been making the modifications to NET/Mac. This version (and others) is available via anonymous FTP from (/hamradio/packet/tcpip/incoming), and (/pub/hamradio/mac/digital/)
 System 7

<Domain-to-Hosts Converter 1.0r3>
 This application will create a file from the domain.txt file that PC owners use with NOS. Created by Ken-NS1C is available on many TCP/IP packet switches in New England.program.
 System 7

<IM/Mac 1.0b27z>
 Mailer program for use with the SMTP protocol. Alternative to the BM program that comes with NET/Mac. Written by Ivo van Ursel, ON1XK. Ivo is continuosly updating his mailer program. His newest release supports built-in BinHex support, selectable sound chimes for incoming mail, "quoting" of forwarded messages and lots more. If you are not using this program... why not? Check for the latest release in the directory before "blind" ftp'ing.  This software supports System 7's Ballon Help and is System 7 savy!  Available via anonymous FTP from (/hamradio/packet/tcpip/incoming).
 Author is available via internet: [email protected]  <<-- new address for Ivo!!!
 System 7 savy

<SoftKiss 1.8>
 Control panel device that emulates a TNC running in KISS mode. For use with packet-radio modems such as the Baycom kit and PacketMac Modem. Version 1.8 July 9 1993 update since 1.6. KD6PAG found a bug in quoting recieved escape and end characters is sofktiss 1.6. The bug and the fix and patch are all correct, thanks for some great detective work. Lots of doc files and drawings included in this archive! Requires the Serial Tool from Apple's Communications Toolbox!  Available on the HAMNET forum of Compuserve, America Online and via anonymous FTP from (/aw0g).
 System 7
<PacketMac Modem>
 PacketMac Modem kits can be obtained from: Sigma Design Associates, P.O. Box 49085, Colorado Springs, CO 80919, (719) 260-5513 (after 1/94). Dexter Francis can be reached at [email protected]

<Savant 1.0.2>
 A new packet terminal front-end by the author of Virtuoso. Savant has a split window interface, but it's also a multi-window, multi-connection interface and will work with almost any TNC,
unlike MacRatt or HostMaster.
 A demo version of the product is available at
(pub/ke0ph) or via US Mail, send a SAS disk mailer and disk to CM
Technologies, Inc., RR#1, Box 83A, Kelley, IA 50134 (515) 597-2051.
 System 7, 32-bit, '040 cache clean and it supports the required

<MacRatt with FAX>
 Terminal program for use with AEA's PK-232 multimode controller. Supports packet, CW, RTTY, AMTOR, and facsimile. Includes cable. Advanced Electronic Applications, P.O. Box C-2160, Lynnwood, WA

<Host Master 1.2>
 The Kantronics Host Master software provides an easy to use, multifunctional terminal program for the TNC. Host Master Mac is a simultaneous multi-mode terminal program for the Mac written by Kevin Krueger, N0IOS and marketed by Kantronics. It is a commercial product available from most of the ham radio stores and supports single and multiple packet connects, packet monitoring, and HF operation (with KAM) each on a separate window, all at the same time. This package retails for $69.95 in the US and is intuitive, friendly, and well supported by Kantronics. Current version as of 10/20/93 is 1.2. It is hoped that a future version will support FAX but currently Hostmaster supports PACKET, AMTOR, RTTY, PACTOR (KAM ver. 6.0), CW, and NAVTEX.  Features: text and binary file transfer; packet conferencing; color or B&W windows; cut, copy, paste between windows; call exchange and data/time stamp; auto startup/shutdown commands; transmit buffers for each mode; simultaneous dual port, !
multiple connects; supports KPC-2,
 KPC-2400, KPC-4, KAM and Data Engine. Requires: Macintosh Plus w/ System 6.05 or better. Current Kantronics firmware.  
 System 7 compatible, with baloon help

<PacketTracker 1.07>
 PacketTracker ver 1.07 is a SHAREWARE program that monitors packet activity and keeps track of what is going on. It draws a graphical map showing who is talking to who and displays statistics of all current stations and keeps a running tally of activity.  PacketTracker was written for both the casual packet user and the network manager or BBS operator. The casual packet user will be able to learn a great deal about what is happening in packet around him; which stations are generating the most data and what some of them are. he will be able to see graphically what stations he can hitdirectly and which ones he cannot.  For the network manager and BBS operator, PacketTracker provides extensive insight to the operation of the local network and problems such as excessive retries on a path. It also allows for extensive logging of channel utilization and other pertinate information.
 NOTE: This application requires the Apple's Serial Tool from the Communications Toolbox which is NOW included in the archive.
 System 7

 There will soon be a Mac version of the APRS (Automatic Position 
Reporting System) software.  Folks use this to collect packet beacons,  plot channel activity, track chase vehicles for marathons, etc. When it's out, I'll let you know.

<DSK_Loader 1.0>
 DSK_Loader is the Macintosh equivalent of the DOS program DSKL. With this program you can communicate with the DSK (DSP Starter Kit) from Texas Instruments. This program bootloads a simple communications kernel and then loads other software using this kernel. Other options are: Fill DSK memory with a certain value; Dump DSK memory into a textwindow, for further processing; Execute programs on the DSK; Graph output from the DSK; Act as a dumb terminal to the DSK.
 The DSK and thus DSK_Loader is most interesting for people who want to experiment with Digital Signal Processing at low costs.
For HAM-Radio operators it is a very interesting piece of equipment, Some applications, like the KC7WW port of the W9GR filters are included.
 This program is public domain so you can distribute it to others, put it on BBS's, FTP sides, etc. If you encounter some problem    s, bugs, find language mistakes in the help-information (english is not my native tongue), or just want to know me that you use this program, feel free to write to the address below, by email, or just postal mail. Please add information about the system you use, and the application you use the DSK for. I also like to hear your wishes for future versions.
 Author is available on the internet: [email protected] Gerrit Polder-PA3BYA, Prunus 8, 3904 LV   Veenendaal, The Netherlands

*** RTTY ***
 Decodes Baudot or ASCII transmissions. Can also be used for packet radio and other digital modes (including landline data communications). Includes split screen, a 15,000-character type-ahead buffer, and canned messages.  Summit Concepts, Suite 102-190, 1840 41st Ave., Capitola, CA 95010.

 Weather facsimile terminal program for use with Kantronics TNCs. Kantronics rfconcepts, 1202 E. 23rd Street, Lawrence, KS 66046.

<MacMultiCom 1.0>
 MFJ sells MacMultiCom 1.0 for their 1278 multimode controller. MacMultiCom supports all of the modes of the 1278: packet, rtty, ascii, pactor, amtor, gray scale faxes, and many different formats of color sstv.  The program requires a minimum of a MacPlus and a hard disk. Requires a color Macintosh and System 7 for best results.
 System 7

*** Logging ***
<Ham Radio Station Logbook>
 HyperCard stack that stores and displays radio contact information. Automatically stamps entries with time and date. Contacts can be sorted by frequency, call sign, or date of contact. Includes report formats, a "Q-code" reference list, and on-line help.  SanSoft, 892 E. Quail Place, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126. (The same program appears to be available from Heizer Software, 1941 Oak Park Blvd., Suite 30, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.)

 Contact logging and duping program. Can transmit any of ten programmable CW messages. Generates real-time statistics on QSO rates.  System One Control, 3900 85th Ave N, Suite 200, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443.

<MacContest 3.5>
 Allows real-time or post-contest logging of a wide variety of contests. Checks for dupes, figures scores instantly, and offers various printouts. Interfaces to TNCs for CW and RTTY contests, to DX packet clusters, to Kenwood transceivers, and to MacinTalk for easy post-contest entry.  Gerald Eberle, HB9CEY, P.O. Box 13, CH-4417 Ziefen, Switzerland.

 (Macintosh version scheduled.) Lets you define the rules determining dupes (such as once per band or once per contest). Displays heading, distance, and other information about the country being worked. Automatically enters contact time; if interfaced directly to a radio, also enters the frequency, band, and mode.  Shows status toward earning amateur-radio awards. User-definable database fields. Exchanges data with other programs.  Personal Database Applications, 2634 Meadow Bend Court, Duluth, GA 30136.

<HF Logger 1.2>
 A real fine HyperCard logging program! (hey... thats all I got!) N0QGQ

<Simple Log .2b>
 This little utility is a handy way to create a logging file that you can later import into any data base for analysis, etc. It also shows you that just about anyone can use Think C and create something on the Mac! Let me know if you'd like the source code. WD1V @ WA1WOK.NH.USA.NA Author is John Seney - WD1V, e-mail address is [email protected] For a copy of this program, mail a SASE disk mailer and 800K disk to: John D. Seney, WD1V, 144 Pepperidge Dr., Manchester, NH 03103 
 System 7

 Contesting/logging- Have seen references to (March 92 CQ magazine) and heard good things about MARATHON by N 0 IOS. I believe a demo was available for $8. Last address known is: Kevin Krueger, N0IOS, 1780 Ruth St., St.Paul, MN  551O9

*** Callbook data tool ***
<Hamcall 2.0>
 This is the application that is used to support Buckmaster's Hamcall CD-ROM. This application provides much more data than previous versions including lat and long coordinates. Allows search by callsign as well as Zip Code sorts.
 More information at [email protected]
 System 7

 Amateur Radio Callsign Database now supports Mac interface. No additional information at this time.

*** Propagation, gray line, DX headings ***
<DX Map v1.1>
 Displays a map of the world with the terminator. Gives location, prefixes, zone numbers, distance, and heading for any country you select. Freeware. Requires HyperCard 2.0.  Available via anonymous FTP from (in the /ham/dxmap directory). Or send a formatted 800K Macintosh disk with a stamped, self-addressed disk mailer to Len Saaf, NV2Z, 52 Raleigh Street, Rochester, NY 14620 (Internet: [email protected]).

 Primarily a satellite tracking program, but also calculates beam headings, Maidenhead grid locations, MUF plots, and band openings. Shareware.  Available via anonymous FTP from (/info-mac/app). Or send a formatted 800K or 14.MB Macintosh disk with stamped, self-addressed disk mailer to Mike Pflueger, WD8KPZ, 6207 W. Beverly Lane, Glendale, AZ 85306.

<Sun Clock>
 Desk accessory. Displays a color map of the world, including the terminator. Indicates current time for any location.  MLT Software, Inc., P.O. Box 368, Portland, OR 97207.

<DX Window>
 Draws a great-circle world map centered on your QTH, with day/night terminator indicated. Displays over 400 DX locations with prefixes and beam headings.  Engineering Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 939, Vienna, VA 22183.

<Skycom 1.1>
 Enter solar flux and get propagation predictions to desired areas
of the world.  Engineering Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 939, Vienna, VA 22183.

<Skycom 1.5>
 Provides sunlight status at both ends of a path; MUF, F0F2, and FOT frequencies; S/N ratio of the link; and other information. Engineering Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 939, Vienna, VA 22183.

<DX Helper v1.57B>
 Displays beam heading, distance, gray line, and propagation information. Generates great-circle maps. Identifies prefixes, zones, and oblasts. Includes code practice.  MacTrak Software, P.O. Box 1590, Port Orchard, WA 98336.

<Mac MiniMUF v5.1>
 A greyline and propagation predictor based on the PC version of MiniMUF by K4CFV. It is available directly from him for the price of a formatted disk and SASE (disk mailer).  His address in callbook or: Bob Stamper K4CFV, 12510 Shadowrun Blvd., Riverview, FL  33569

<Mac ShortWave v1.2>
 A program called Mac Shortwave that figures MUF and LUF. BXA Research in Plano, Texas

*** Satellite tracking ***
<SatTrack v1.02>
 Tracks one satellite across a world map as it moves, displays the instantaneous position of several satellites, or generates tables of all satellites visible from a certain location at a given time. Also calculates beam headings, Maidenhead grid locations, and MUFs. Shareware.  Available via anonymous FTP from (/info-mac/app). Or send a formatted 800K Macintosh disk with stamped, self-addressed disk mailer to Mike Pflueger, WD8KPZ, 6207 W. Beverly Lane, Glendale, AZ 85306.
 System 7 compatible.

<MacSat v3.1>
 Tracks up to 21 satellites simultaneously, either in simulation or real-time mode. Text screen displays ground-track coordinates, range, mean anomaly, visibility (azimuth and elevation) and Doppler shift frequency information for all satellites being tracked. Graphical screen portrays the satellite ground tracks superimposed on a world map. Polar plot displays graphically the precise location of each visible satellite above the observer's horizon.  Developed by the Geodetic Research Laboratory of the University of New Brunswick.  Available from Richard B. Langley, R.R. 12, Fredericton, N.B.  E3B 6H7, Canada (Internet: [email protected]).  A demo version of MacSat may be ftp'ed from directory PUB.CANSPACE on
 System 7

<OrbiTrack> <OrbiTrackFPU v2.1.4>
 Calculates look angles to selected satellites, plots current satellite positions on a world map, and displays the visible passage of a satellite against background stars (either within the program itself or via a data file that can be read into the Voyager astronomy program). Please note that one version requires an FPU to operate!  BEK Developers, P.O. Box 47114, St.  Petersburg, FL 33743. (Bill Bard, CompuServe: 75366,2557) (Note: This replaces BEK's previous MacSat program, which was not related to the program of the same name from UNB.)
 System compatible

 Macintosh version of N4HY's QuikTrak program. Requires Microsoft BASIC. AMSAT, P.O. Box 27, Washington, DC 20044.

<Satellite Orbit Prediction Program>
 Macintosh conversion of W3IWI program. Requires Microsoft BASIC. Send formatted 800K Macintosh disk with stamped, self-addressed disk mailer to Earl Skelton, N3ES, 6311 29th Place NW, Washington, DC 20015. Or send self-addressed stamped envelope for source listing.

<Satellite Pro>
 Uses world maps and tables to indicate rising and setting schedules, current locations, mutual visibility opportunities, and footprints. Includes Mercator, polar, and great-circle displays. Optional antenna control.  MacTrak Software, P.O. Box 1590, Port Orchard, WA 98366.

 Author is on AOL and can be reached as [email protected] via the internet.

*** Antenna design ***
 Chris Smolinski, N3JLY, 40 South Lake Way, Reisterstown, MD 21136.

*** Radio control ***
<ICOM Radio Control>
 Provides a Macintosh interface for controlling ICOM transceivers that use the CI-V remote-control system. Lets you quickly change frequencies and modes. Also does logging and duping. Requires a CI-V to RS-422 converter (schematic included with program).
 KE6FG Software, 9763 Pali Avenue, Tujunga, CA 91042.

 Provides frequencies and DX program info for shortwave radio
listeners.  The program databases update automatically at 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals, thus providing a continuous display of broadcasts on-the-air at any given time in a spreadsheet like format.  Features include sorting of data, scanning, and on-screen changing of databases. The program will convert Tom Sundstrom's dBase shorwave broadcast listing to FreqValet format and will do the same for Shorwave Navigator users.  Separate cards are provided for DX Programs, Ship to Shore, and Utility broadcasts.  Computer control modules are available at extra cost for the Drake R8, Kenwood R-5000, JRC NRD-525, and NRD-535 receivers.
 DX Computing, 232 Squaw Creek Road, Willow Park, TX 76087.  Telephone (817) 441-9188 or (817) 441-5555 (fax).  Author is available via internet: [email protected] System 7 with HyperCard 2.1

*** Ham radio BBSs ***
<Digikron Systems BBS>
 Various ham-related applications, including logging, propagation, Morse code, and packet. (408) 253-1309.

 Various ham-related files, including packet, DXing, and contesting software; AMSAT bulletins; and several ham newsletters. (614) 895-2553. Also available via FTP on AMPRnet at

 Various ham-related software, including packet, contesting, and Morse code applications. (410) 661-2475, 661-2598, and 661-2648.

<ChowdaNet BBS>
 (more info at a later date)


*** Online Services carrying Ham Radio software ***
<America Online>
 Supports Macintosh, PC's DOS & Windows versions, PS/1, Apple //s, Casio Zoomer. Ham Radio Club (keyword = ham radio) supports all computer types. Software for amateur radio, scanners, swl'ers and general electronics. For 10 FREE hours of trial time send your snail mail address to [email protected] or call 1-800-827-6364 Ext. 6285. This site NOT ftp'able (yet). Internet e-mail.

 Supports any communications software on most computers Ham Radio area (go hamnet) supports all types of communications formats.
Call 1-800-848-8199 for information. This site NOT ftp'able. Internet e-mail.

 (more info at a later date) Internet e-mail

 (more info at a later date) Internet e-mail

 Has ham radio message areas, no downloadable software. Limited internet e-mail.

Misc. Internet FTP sites for
Amateur Radio Macintosh software (/ham )	   (/info-mac/app)	   various locations	   (/pub/ham-radio)		   (/hamradio) many different subdirectories
			   (/hamradio/packet/tcp/incoming) newest 
                                             files temp holding area
                                             NET/Mac & IM/Mac area              (/pub/ham-radio)   (/aw0g)
softkiss-mac (/software/mac/ham-radio)            (/pub/hamradio/mac)

If you know of any other sites, please e-mail me info so I may keep
this list as up to date as possible!

- Terry

Thanks for all of the notes and updates! Keep them coming. Did I
get all of the versions right?

NOTE: Much of this work was done by Patty-N6BIS as she collected information from many vendors.  I would like to keep this list as up to date as possible. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any additional software to this list.

DISCLAIMER: The software listed is not endorsed by Apple Computer,
Inc.(c) nor has it all been tested by the author/providers of this

* Recompiled by Terry Stader - KA8SCP  ([email protected])      *
* Original list compiled by Patty Winter - N6BIS              *
* New information last added 9/93                             *
* some information not rechecked since early 1991.            *