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Powered by the Motorola 68020 CPU at 16MHz. Apple planned this "Low Cost" system to target education markets, and the Apple IIe Card helped phase out the use of Apple II systems in schools. The LC was available either with two floppy disk drives or a hard disk drive and floppy disk drive.

Replaced by the Macintosh LC II.


Maximum RAM capacity is 10MB.


Single "LC PDS" port for expansion needs. Common upgrades include the previously mentioned IIe card or an Ethernet card, which could also include a socket for a math co-processor as the LC did not include one (this will vary depending on card manufacturer).


  • The Macintosh LC and Macintosh IIsi don't have restart and interrupt buttons like other Macs, so to generate these signals from the keyboard, press Command-Control-Power (the key with the triangle on it) for "reset" and just Command-Power for "interrupt."


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