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The Macintosh Plus was released in 1986 and provided a number of improvements over the original Macintosh 128K and Macintosh 512K models. The Plus is powered by the Motorola 68000 at 8MHz and offers 1MB RAM, 800KB disk drive and external SCSI support.


  • For prolonged use of the Plus, especially for units where an internal hard disk has been outfitted, a "system saver" is recommended to protect the system against overheating. The Plus did not ship with an internal fan and the "system saver" attaches to the top of the unit and provides a fan.
  • From MacsBug or the interrupt debugger, enter "G 40E118" (that's a zero, not an oh). (To get into the interrupt debugger, press the button on the left side of your machine closer to the back. If you're running System 7, just Shut Down your machine, then while the "you may turn off your Macintosh safely" dialog is displayed, press the button.) This gives you a tiny "Stolen from Apple Computer" message in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.


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