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Macintosh Programmer's Toolbox Assistant

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Macintosh Programmers Toolbox Assistant (MPTA) is a complete and up-to- date electronic hypertext version of the function reference portions of the new Inside Macintosh series. Each entry in MPTA includes references to the specific volume and page of Inside Macintosh from which it is taken.

The database searches for possible matches as you type and completes your search string with the first match it finds. In the following figure, for example, the first match found for the search string “mun” is “munger.” Like THINK Reference , MPTA also supports lookups by other applications. Both Symantec C++ and Code Warrior can look up information in MPTA.

MPTA also supports page annotations. These notes appear as yellow sticky notes directly on the page and can be moved or edited to your heart’s content.

Macintosh Programmers Toolbox Assistant uses Altura’s QuickView engine for search and display. You can create your own reference databases for QuickView using a special compiler from Altura, and then your own references can be searched along with the MPTA databases. In fact, Metrowerks now distributes some of the reference material for CodeWarrior in QuickView format.

Apple posts updates and additions to the MPTA databases on the World Wide Web:

It’s not unusual for new portions of the Toolbox to be documented in MPTA before they make it into Inside Macintosh.