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Macintosh Quadra 610

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The Quadra 610 was designed to be a business class workstation. This model is essentially a Macintosh Centris 610 but with a math co-processor and slight processor speed bump.

General Information[edit]

The Centris/Quadra 610 sold for $2,520.

Codename: Speedbump 610. Originally shipped with System 7.1 and system enabler 040 v1.1.


The Quadra 610 is powered by a Motorola 68040 processor clocked at 25MHz. As the Centris line was removed, you may find Quadra models using the Motorola 68LC040 processor which were originally for the Centris.


1MB ROM. AppleTalk version 57.0.4.


Capacitor replacement[edit]

The SMD capacitors on the logic board will most likely have already started leaking electrolyte out the bottom, and failing to replace them in a timely manner will result in further leakage with possible damage to nearby components. See below list of capacitors to replace:

  • 10 x 47uf 16V



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