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Date: Wed, 5 Oct 1994 13:13:47 +0100
From: (Joerg Schaeffer)
Subject: [!] My roundup on Macintosh Security Software (11K)

Hello to everyone.

First of all I would like to apologise if you receive more than one copy of
this mail due to my crosspost. And then sorry that it has taken me so long
to finish this round up, but I am quite a busy student and had a lot of
exams... Well lets get to it.

Some time ago I was looking for a Macintosh security package to do
the following features:

>         * let me lock the System folder with a password
>         * let me create separate protected folders for users on each machine
>         * be compatible with 030 and 040 Macs (Performa 450 and 475 mainly)
>         * be compatible with AtEase 2.0 (if possible!)
>         * allow a user to access his protected folder over an
>              Appletalk network via Personal FileSharing
>         * be easy to use for the users (and not too tough to set up for me :)
>         * be compatible with most (if not all) standard apps

Here are the responses I got:

Davin Jeayes of HiRes <HI.RES@AppleLink.Apple.COM> wrote:

>24 August 1994
>From:  Davin Jeayes, Technical Support
>Re:  MacPrefect
>Thank you for contacting us with your questions. Below I have answered some of
>your questions regarding MacPrefect. The other information you requested we
>would prefer to send to you by normal mail. If you could let us have your
>postal address we would be pleased to send this information.
>Locking the system folder - MacPefect allows the administrator to "Lock"
>certain areas of the hard disk including the system folder. This does not
>include password access but does render the system folder completely write
>protected to users. They cannot save/created files/folders in these areas. Also
>MacPrefect allows you to restrict access to any or all of the Control Panels.
>Protected folders for users - The best way to implement this is by having a
>folder for each user on the server. In this way users can only gain access to
>their own folder, and thay can also access their folder from any machine on the
>MacPrefect is fully compatible with ALL Macintosh models currently on the
>market, from the MacPlus to the PowerMacintosh range.
>MacPrefect is compatible with all standard apps on the market including AtEase
>Users find MacPrefect very easy to use and install.
>I hope these have answered your main questions; please get back to us with your
>address along with any other questions you might have.

I have to add to this that they sent me an evaluation copy within one week
of my inquiry by express mail!

Richard Schulte  <> recommended "FoolProof".

Jeanne Stroh <JSTROH@CUDNVR.DENVER.COLORADO.EDU> wrote the following:

>My favorite security software for the Mac is FoolProof.  I tested version 1 in
>February and loved it.  Version 2 just came out and I believe it will do
>everything you want.  A site license is $589.
>Educational Resources
>1550 Executive Drive
>Elgin, IL 60123  USA
>You can also contact someone at SmartStuff Software (the company that makes the
>Brian Chapin
>SmartStuff Software
>Tel: (503) 231-4300
>Fax: (503) 231-4334

Geert Jan Bex <> wrote:

>I set up FileGuard (ASD Software, sorry, I don't have their address) for a
>member of the staff of our department, and he hasn't complained yet.
>Compatibility seems to be very good (Except with some system 6 typing
>teaching software). The people at the computer center use it to protect a
>lab of Macs for students. I will forward your message to them, they should
>be able to give you more feedback regarding Appleshare features. Maybe you
>will even receive a message from them before the second (or first) coming

"Alan Florance" <> wrote:

>  REGARDING           Security/Protecting your Mac
>I would recommend using MacPrefect, MacVisa  from Hi Resolution
>depending on your requirements, I use these in a student lab and they save
>no end of problems.
>I have no connection with the company apart from as a customer.
>See info below:-
>[commercial parts deleted]
>Contact Information
>Matt Warder - Customer Liaison Manager
>Hi Resolution Ltd
>Tel & Fax: +44 (0)892 891 291
>AppleLink: HI.RES
>Internet: HI.RES@AppleLink.Apple.Com

Edmund Chambers <> wrote:

>I recommend a program called "FolderBolt"  It does all of the things that
>you wished. You might also look into one called "FoolProof" which does some
>things you probably hadn't thought of.
>FolderBolt sets up passwords for any and all folders if desired.  It
>prompts for password upon opening folder.  I think it will work over
>AppleTalk as well.
>FoolProof prevents changes to the Mac Desktop and system environments.  It
>can disable all control panels (unless given proper pswd of course).  It
>can force users to save to a disk or any given folder.  It can also disable
>things like "shift-command-3" and holding down the "shift" key at startup
>to prevent those smart kids from tweeking anything.
>FolderBolt works well except for the occasional (and apparently random)
>problem with being denied access priviliges.  The admin disk that comes
>with it has never failed to correct the problem thought.  Be sure to
>dis-enable FolderBolt before using a remote installer like GraceLan.  We
>installed new printer extensions on our 50 Macs over ethernet and after
>apparently installing correctly, we discovered that it hadn't.  Even after
>all of this, I still recomment FolderBolt.
>If either of you find another program that works, please point me in the
>right direction.

Gary van der Werf of SmartStuff Corp. < Gary_Vander\< >
[Attention: This From: Adress did NOT work with my mailer!] wrote:

>We have three companion security products for the Macintosh - FoolProof ( our
>main stand-alone security program), UnderCover, and ScreenPlay - which, when
>used together in various options, provide easy to use but very effective
>security for protecting the Mac without covering the desktop. The mailed
>information will provide you with details.
>You would not want to use FoolProof with AtEase. We protect the desktop by
>allowing access to it, with you - the teacher - controlling  the level of
>security through control options which dictate what the student can or cannot
>do. AtEase covers the desktop, does not allow access to the finder. We are
>proud of FoolProof providing the necessary security without denying the user
>the appropriate interface with the Macintosh.

and then he sent me another mail:

>I am sending you information on our three security products, which should
>answer most if not all your security needs. If you buy our software, I do not
>think you should continue use of AtEase, since it covers the desktop, and our
>software is designed to protect the desktop without covering it.
>Also, our security is provided by preventing dragging, renaming, trashing,
>and disenabling selected features (get info, control panels, etc), not by
>"locking" users out of applications, folders, etc. FoolProof is designed to
>provide the level of security you need (those which you Select).
>We are distributing eval kits only through international distributors. We are
>currently negotiating with several distributors in Europe but have not
>designated one, thus are unable to send out evaluation kits. We would be
>happy at this point to sell a single copy ($39 plus shipping and handling) if
>you wish. Please let us know.
>Meanwhile, I am sending written information on our three security programs
>plus pricing. Sincerely,
>Gary van der Werf

Unfortunately I have NOT received the written info yet (it has already
taken more than 1 1/2 months. Your mileage might vary.


I found HiRes' marketing department to be very responsive and friendly.
After testing the evaluation copy, I decided to order from them and I am
quite happy until now. Unfortunately other companies have not been as
forthcoming and helpful as HiRes...

MacPrefect lets me lock the System and Applications folders, which saves
administrators at lot of hassles. Harddisks can also be "locked" so that a
restart with a system floppy disk will not enable users to alter anything.

However I found some slight disadvantages:
MacPrefect works together with At Ease 2.0, but the "System Folder" locking
feature will not allow you or your users to change their At Ease passwords
unless the administator unlocks the System folder.

Furthermore users will not be able to trash damaged preferences files on
their own. Again, the administator will have to unlock the System folder
and do so.

Still I really like MacPrefect.

I think it will be most useful in computer lab settings, but you can also
use it to protect desktop Macs against system modifications et al.

I decided against using:

FolderBolt - because my predecessor had had a lot of problems with it,
including locking folders that couldn't be unlocked anymore.

DiskLock - for the same reasons and a rather clumsy interface.

FileGuard - because it exceeded our needs by far.

FoolProof - because I did not get any information from the publishers and
they were not willing to send me an evaluation copy.


All opinions are purely personal. I have no connection to any mentioned
company except as a (satisfied) customer. Your mileage concerning different
companies may vary (also depending on whether you are in the US or not.)

Thanks must go to everyone who has contributed to this little research.
I hope it will help you in your efforts to make your Macs safer.

Regards from Vienna

Joerg SCHAEFFER               |    EMAIL:
Macintosh Support for OeH WU  |   Yes, it's me. Yo, I'm "JJJ" on IRC :-)
Standard disclaimers apply    |  "An APPLE a day keeps BIG BLUE away..."

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