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Macromedia Deck II

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A sound digitizing and editing application that supports as many as 16 tracks on a Power Macintosh, and also supports Digidesign sound hardware.

Deck II uses an interface that resembles a four-track tape recorder, including volume sliders and playback controls. You can mix and bounce tracks, and Deck provides nondestructive editing tools (the changes don't affect the original sounds). A scrub feature (a tool for playing back and forth in a track at different speeds) makes it easy to locate points in a sound file, and the program also offers various automation features including automated mixdown and punch-in and punch-out points. the program also supports QuickTime movies and MIDI.

While great for recording original music and creating complicated mixes of sounds, this program might be too much for simple sound editing. A program such as SoundEdit is better suited for those tasks.

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