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Macromedia Director

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Director 7.0

Dynamic alpha channels

Director 7 imports high-quality graphics with alpha channels. Once imported, the graphic or alpha channel can be controlled to create real-time animation and effects that provide truly compelling content.

  • Import bitmaps with alpha information from Fireworks, PhotoShop, or Debabelizer, and more.
  • Control the degree of transparency for every pixel in a bitmap.
  • Reduce the bit depth of an image while maintaining alpha channel information.
  • Create effects like transparency, masks, trails, blends, and gradient overlays.
  • Use built-in ink effects: copy, not copy, blend, blend with a transparent value set, and background transparent.

Real sprite effects

Full 360-degree rotation, horizontal/vertical flipping, and scalable skewing add real-time animation to your movies. No duplication in effort is necessary to create incredible effects with bitmaps, Flash 3, QuickTime 3, or text.

  • Rotate, scale, skew, and flip sprites during playback in real time.
  • Easily create effects that were impossible or very difficult before.
  • Create incredible effects with single elements and smaller file sizes.
  • Control effects with both Lingo and the Score.
  • Apply changes directly to the Stage.

New vector shapes

Create extremely small, high-quality shapes with built-in vector drawing tools. The new pen, rectangle, line, and circle tools create polygons and curved shapes that can be animated and altered while authoring or at run time.

  • Create interesting morphing effects.
  • Edit on Stage, in the Media Editor window, or "FreeHand style."
  • Use visible vertices and Bezier control points.
  • Control vectors through Lingo.

Rich text and shocked fonts

Director 7 controls all text attributes and displays anti-aliased text. Super compressed shocked fonts guarantee great looking fonts across platforms, browsers, or anywhere. Now developers can deliver high-quality, anti-aliased text that's editable while authoring or at run time.

  • Edit rich, anti-aliased text at run time.
  • Control text with Lingo.
  • Deliver cross-platform (Macintosh and Windows) presentations.
  • Embed super small, compressed fonts for reliable delivery (shocked fonts).
  • Shocked fonts are approximately 75% to 85% smaller than TrueType fonts.
  • Full backward compatibility is included.

Broadcast-quality animation

With standard animation features such as onion skinning, tweening, and ink effects, Director 7 provides an easy-to-use interface for creating high-quality animations.

  • Support onion skinning, tweening, rotation, skewing, and more.
  • Draw from casts of unlimited size.
  • Provide fastest animation performance.

CD-quality audio

Director 7 studio can import and deliver the highest quality audio possible. Audio can be compressed as Shockwave audio (MPEG Layer 3) or non-compressed.

  • Support AIFF, WAV, and SWA sound file formats.
  • SWA provides for variable compression rates from 1:2 to 1:126.
  • Macintosh sound editor is BIAS Peak LE.
  • Windows sound editor is SoundForge XP.

Universal import

Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio imports over 40 multimedia file formats, including QuickTime 3, (QuickTime Virtual Reality), Flash 3, and animated GIFs. With universal import of audio, video, and graphical elements, Director gives you the power and flexibility to combine the most diverse set of media elements.

  • Import over 40 multimedia file formats.
  • Modify and control animated GIFs (Gif89a or Gif87).
  • Play animated GIFs as sprites, either embedded or linked.
  • Increase vector support and animation with support for Flash 3 (SWF) files.
  • Apply new D7 features to Flash assets, including rotation, flipping, and alpha channels
  • Rotate and mask QuickTime movies.
  • Automatically display and navigate both panoramic and interactive digital video (QTVR).
  • Control QTVR 2 pan, tilt, node, field-of-view, hotspot detection, and so forth.
  • Import HTML text.

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