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Macromedia Flash

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Macromedia Flash is the solution for producing and delivering high-impact Web sites. Pulsing musical tracks, sound effects, gorgeous animations, and innovative interfaces all converge in Flash. Developers can create an array of dazzling effects using the drawing tools in Flash or by importing artwork from favorite vector illustration tools, such as Macromedia FreeHand. Easy to learn for developers of any skill level, Flash puts the flash in Web sites and other Web-enabled devices (such as WebTV).

Flash sites are more attractive than those using traditional Web technologies. All graphics created in Flash appear smooth on screen (anti-aliased) so that users see what the Web designer intended. Beyond their good looks, Flash sites are also about speed. The vector-based sites play as they download, and Flash technology delivers Web sites efficiently, even over slow modem connections. Flash sites playback full-screen, on all monitor sizes, and consistently across multiple platforms users have a consistently dazzlingly experience.

Flash technology is already built-in. Over 248 million people can view graphics and animation created with Flash (source: NPD Research, June 2000). Flash sites are consistently viewable across Macintosh, Windows, Solaris, Linux, and additional Web-appliance platforms. The Flash Player is the most widely distributed high-impact Web site viewer today. Popular Web hardware and software products from Microsoft, Netscape, America Online, Apple, WebTV, Prodigy, EarthLink, Network Computer, Gateway, Compaq, Disney, and many others already have Flash technology built into their products. Read the study that shows the majority of Web users can experience Flash content without having to download and install a player.

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