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  Where [addr | trap]
     Display information about the address or trap.
     If no parameter then use PC as the address.
  Vol [vRefNum|drvNum|"vol name"]
     Displays volume information for the given vrefnum, volume name or all
     mounted volumes. Flags are D/d=Dirty, S/s=Software locked,
     H/h=Hardware locked.
     Lists tasks in the regular and slot VBL queues.
  thing ["thing type"]
     Displays thing information for the given thing type or all know things.
     Closes all open .XPP sessions.
  RD [-c] [-s] [-o] [-f ref#] [-i id] [[-t] 'xxxx'] [-h hndl] (Resource Display)
     Dumps resource information.
        -c            Show resource chain
        -s            Show short resource chain (no fonts below system)
        -o            Show offsets of resources (from start of res data)
        -f <refNum>   Only show resources from this file (1=ROM)
        -i <resID>    Only show resources with this ID
        -t 'xxxx'     Only show resources of this type
        -h <handle>   Show resources using given handle (0=not loaded)
        S/A = System heap / app heap
        P/p = purgeable / not
        L/U = locked / unlocked
        O/o = protected / not
        E/e = preload / not
        C/c = changed / not
      Purged handles are marked with an "*".
  Printf "format" arg...
     Displays the arguments according to the format (no floating point).
     Displays information about all processes.
     Status Flags: Front, Bkgnd, BgOnly, BgNoEvts (can't bkgnd).
  Leaks [On|Off|Dump]
     Stack crawl info about likely memory leaks.
     (by Bo3b Johnson, Greg Branche and Jim Murphy)
  JumpTable [expr]
     Display the jump table at expr. If no address is specified, the
     jump table is assumed to start at RA5+$20.
  Gestalt [-n] [[-s] 'xxxx'] (Gestalt selector display)
     Displays Gestalt selectors and results.
        -n          Show installed selectors, don't call procedures
        -s 'xxxx'   Don't display all selectors, just show this one
     (Gestalt with no parameters calls and shows all selectors.)
  FSInfo [fsid | -t]  (File System info)
     Displays File System Manager foreign file system information for
     for the given file system ID [fsid], or all installed File System
     Manager foreign file systems.  Use -t to show a small table.
     Use the vol dcmd to get a list of volumes and their fsid numbers.
  File [fRefNum | "file name" | -t "type"]
     Displays file information on all open files, or for the given fRefNum,
     filename, or for all files of the given filetype. Flags are D/d=Dirty,
     W/w=writeable.  "file 0" shows all open files except for fonts.
  Error expr
     Display text message corresponding to error nummber in expr.
  Echo [params...]
     Echo the command line parameters
  Drvr [refNum|num]
     Displays driver information for the given refNum or all installed
     drivers. Flags are B/b=Busy, H/P=Handle/Ptr, O/C=Open/Closed.
  Drive [drvNum|dRefNum] (display info on drives)
     Displays drive queue information for the given drive number,
     driver number, or all drives.  Flags are L/l=Locked,
     E/e=Ejectable, R=Recently ejected, I/i=Inserted,
     D/S=Double/Single sided.
  UNLOCK <Addr> <Count>- VM Unlock memory for the
       memory range specified in addr and count.
       Note: This is the debugger unlock memory call.
  SysTop - installs and locks a 4 byte handle
           at thetop of the system heap,
           the handle is not installed
  SysSwell <buffer size>- Installs and removes a buffer
          in the System heap of specifed size.
  ssc [addr]
     Displays the stack frame chain starting at addr (default is ra6).
  Patch [ I | O | T | S | P ]  (vers 1.0A3)
     none - Check all vectors
     I - Check Interrupt vectors
     O - Check OSTrap vectors
     T - Check TBTrap vectors
     S - Save all vectors now
     P - Print all vectors
  MList -- List the menus installed.
  LOCK <Addr> <Count>- VM Lock memory for the
       memory range specified in addr and count.
       Note: this is the debugger lock memory.
  dizy - Installs and de-installs the discipline
         which is contained in this code.
    Dizy is NOT INSTALLED and is currently OFF

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