Making A Phone Tap

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                           --(Making A Phone Tap)--

Making A Phone Tap
By: ExiSt of TEk

Okay, in order to understand the technicalities of a phone tap, you must
first understand how a beige box works. To get more info on beige boxing, go
back and read TEk MAg issue #4, where I explain in detail how to make a
beige box. 

Materials Needed:

Wire Cutters/Strippers
Telephone Cable
1 pair OLD headphones
4 Alligator Clips
Electricians Tape or Soldering Iron
A Victim
tape Recorder (optional)
1 ear phone jack (optional)


Okay, now, this is what you do. Take the old pair of headphones, and cut off
the headphone jack, about 10 inches up. Save the jack for now. Take the head
phones, and strip each of the wires. 
        Take a telephone cable, and remove the first plastic cover. You will
see four more covered wires. Red, Green, Yellow and Black. Cut the yellow and
the black ones off. Strip back the Red and Green ones. Now, connect the RED
wire to one wire from the headphones, and either solder it, or tape it up
with the electricians tape. Take the GREEN wire, and connect it to the other
headphone wire. Again, solder it, or tape up the connection. You should now
have something that looks like this:
                                   (green wire)

    (Telephone wire)         /                        |  0  |
                            /                          \___/
      ¤¤¤==================|    (headphone wire)              (headphones)
                                 (red wire)           |  0  |

        Okay, if it looks like this, good. Now, take the part labeled (¤¤¤)
and cut back the plastic cover. Strip the ends of the Green and Red wires, 
and cut off the Yellow and Black wires. Solder an Alligator Clip to the red
wire, and to the green wire. This is your initial phone tap. If you were to
go to your victims house, and connect this to their TelCo box, you should
hear them talking on the phone. But, I recommend that you try this at home
first, by perhaps plugging it into your own TelCo box, or a wall jack. If 
your phone line goes dead when you connect this device, try to attach some
5k Resistors to the Red, and Green wires. Play around with the resistors, 
until you can connect the tap, and still here on the line.

Uses For Blackmail:

Alright.. so, you're sitting there, tapping someones line.. now you want
to record their conversation, so that you can perhaps Blackmail this person
at a later date. Try this:

Take a HeadPhone jack, the ones you plug into you walkman, and connect 
do this to it:                 

                    (wire)   /------------------
         -==Ý==Ý=-----------|     (phone wire)
          (jack)            \___________________                     

Connect each of the two wires to the Red and Green wires of a telephone 
cable. Connect an alligator clip to each of the two wires. 
Now, you'll need a tape recorder with a "Microphone" jack area. If
you don't have one, borrow/buy/take/make one.. Plug the jack into the 
MircoPhone area, and then connect the red and green alligator clips to 
your victims TelCo box.. Connect your phone tap as well. Listen in. When you
want to record the conversation, press record on your recorder. Again, test
all this out. Sometimes the recorder or earphones will drain all the voltage
from the phone lines, so try to play with resistors a bit.

If you have any questions about this tap, or any article I have written,
get ahold of me.


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