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Math Munchers Deluxe

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The award-winning Munchers are back and better than ever in the brand new Math Munchers Deluxe. Battling a whole new crew of troublesome Troggles (like Doggle, Slimey and the crazy Crumbley sisters), the Munchers rely on kids to use their math skills as they work with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and simple geometry to trounce their wily enemies. Learning has never been so much fun! Math Munchers Deluxe is jam-packed with hot new graphics, animation and sounds. Even between-game breaks are fun-filled!

No other math software combines depth and breadth of content with all-out fun quite like Math Munchers Deluxe. The latest edition in the popular Munchers series features a new cast of Muncher and Troggle characters, plus great audio and exciting new graphics and animation.

Math Munchers Deluxe reinforces kids math skills by encouraging them to solve problems dealing with whole numbers, decimals, factors, and simple geometry. With multi-level play capabilities for Ages 8-12 (Grades 3-6), kids can review familiar types of equations, practice at a comfortable level or challenge skills in new territory.

Best of all, kids will enjoy learning with MECC's Munchers, which is one reason Muncher products have won many awards including the Family Fun and Prodigy Kids' Choice Software Award as well as recognition from Technology and Learning, Parent's Choice and MacUser.

  • It's a math classic! Provides depth and breadth unlike any other math software.
  • It's easy to customize. Provides the ability to set the level of play and customize the content.
  • It's grounded in math content. Focuses on four major content areas - whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and simple geometry.
  • It's motivating! Radically new animation, graphics, characters and sounds provide a unique and exciting learning tool that keeps kids motivated and learning for hours.

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