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Over a thousand years ago, one of earth's most advanced civilizations suddenly collapsed. It's your students' task to find out why.

Set in the not-so-distant future, MayaQuest lets students retrace the route of the real-life MayaQuest bicycle expedition. By bike, students journey through the rainforests and ruins of Central America to uncover clues about the mysterious collapse of the ancient Maya civilization.

Along the way, they learn about the history, culture and geography of the region as it engages them in one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries.

MayaQuest lets students be detectives and explorers in search of answers to explain the collapse of the ancient Maya civilization. This learning adventure will take them on a virtual field trip of ancient ruins as captured on film by the world-record holding MayaQuest bicycle team. Along the way, they'll use a collection of high-tech tools to solve tasks, navigate rugged bike paths, and better understand the ancient Maya. This adventure contains over 1,500 photos and video clips from the actual MayaQuest expedition. Using the program's Multimedia Resource Tool, kids can easily export any of the program's images, sounds or text into their favorite word-processing or presentation-making software to create their own multimedia adventure journal! MayaQuest also offers a special feature for Internet users. Using Internet, kids can download new information to change their MayaQuest adventure, or connect to a huge library of text and photos that offers a wealth of information on the Maya and their world.

Features and Benefits

  • It's motivating for kids and teachers! Provides actual photos and video from the exciting interactive expedition followed by thousands of classrooms via Internet and classroom Prodigy.
  • It's challenging. Builds research, decision-making, and analytical skills as students are challenged by over 200 tasks.
  • It's interactive. Provides a meaningful reason for students to access the Internet and investigate an ancient civilization.
  • It's curriculum driven. Provides detailed information about Mayan warfare, natural disasters, Mayan math, Mayan astronomy, and connections to other ancient civilizations.
  • It's grounded in authentic content. Offers an authentic look at the people, geography, and artifacts of the ancient Maya civilization.
  • It's perfect for bilingual classrooms. Includes program content in both English and Spanish.

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