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MicroMac Speedster040

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Boost the performance level of your Macintosh LC or LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430) up to a fast 50/25MHz 68040 processor (with optional FPU). The Speedster040 increases your Macintosh's speed up to 350% and offers you exceptional speed for all your demanding tasks and desktop publishing needs.

You receive all the benefits, features and power of 68040 software while using the MicroMac Speedster040 accelerator. With a 50/25MHz 68040 processor, the Speedster040 boosts the speed of your LC series computer up to four times, out pacing the PowerPC 6100/7100/8100 while running 68040 based software in emulation mode. This means you'll find an increased level of performance from 68040 software. The Speedster040 also supports your older 68030 software that may not take advantage of certain 68040 processor features. A few clicks of the mouse in the Speedster040 Control Panel and the accelerator is set to "downshift" to 68030 mode for your 68030 applications, utilities and games.

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