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MicroMac ThunderCache

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The MicroMac ThunderCache accelerator combines the pure speed of a 32MHz 68030 CPU with an ultra-fast 32KB cache memory for better CPU throughput of data. The optional 32MHz 68882 FPU makes working with spreadsheets and graphics a breeze.

The ThunderCache accelerator upgrades your Macintosh LC, LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430) or Color Classic with performance and speed to efficiently run today's powerful system and sophisticated application software by upgrading to a fast 68030 processor with 32KB cache. The ThunderCache accelerator combines 68030 power with a 32-bit wide data path for ultra-high performance on your Macintosh. The 32KB cache stores 90% of the most frequently used data and instructions in its very fast memory. This allows you to run the latest system software, Internet applications and multimedia programs with astonishing speed.

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