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Microsoft Foundation Classes

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Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) is a C++ application framework for creating programs that use Microsoft’s Win32 Application Programming Interface.

Microsoft Foundation Classes (or MFC) is an extremely popular application framework in the Microsoft Windows programming world. The framework supports most of the common Windows functionality and makes it quick and easy to implement basic Windows programs.

Why would a Macintosh programmer care about MFC? Because you can actually write Mac programs using MFC. Microsoft’s Visual C++ development environment includes a special Macintosh version of MFC. Programs written in MFC and compiled for the Mac use a Windows Portability Library to convert Win32 API calls to their Mac equivalents. This can result in applications that perform sluggishly and don’t quite work the way a Mac program should, but for developers who want to port a Windows application (written using MFC) to the Mac, it can be a relatively painless solution.