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Microsoft Monster Truck Madness

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You've stepped into the world of monster trucks! Now you can race the vehicle you wish you had while sitting in rush-hour traffic. Monster Truck Madness provides an exhilarating off-road driving experience by offering various racing modes across rugged and challenging terrain. Monster Truck Madness is the most radical and outrageous racing simulation available!


by Bernard Dy

Monster Truck Madness is easily one of Microsoft's best Windows 95 games. In short, it's a blast! With graphics as realistic as Papyrus' NASCAR and physics designed for fun, you're offered the chance to haul yourself aboard behemoth trucks and compete in rally, drag and circuit racing against computerized opponents or other gamers via a network, modem or Internet connection. Though realists will frown at its lack of a printed manual, a vehicle damage model and support for foot pedals (sans a steering wheel), Monster Truck Madness' great audio, solid online manual and dozens of customizable options give it some extra legs and help make this racing game a winner. For fun's sake, you'll find it hard to beat Monster Truck Madness whether sliding through mud, careening over mountains or going airborne.

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