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Mike Will Replace Mouse, Apple Exec Says (04/1990)

From Higher Intellect Vintage Wiki

The “ask and tell” interface will eventually replace the mouse and keyboard for many applications, and the microphone will play an important role in this new interface, says Apple Computer vice president of advanced technology Lawrence Tesler.

Newer, more advanced personal computer applications will require better interfaces, including speech input. “When you’re not sure about something, you’ll be able to ask, and when your system has some advice about how you can do something better, it will tell you,” Tesler says. Interacting with your personal computer will change to “more of a dialogue, like what you might have with a colleague or assistant,” he says. The microphone will become a standard feature of personal computers as speech input technology improves.

Apple says that’s two or three years away. “It’s pretty easy now to do single-speaker, limited-vocabulary recognition,” says marketing director Michael Homer. “It’s a lot more difficult to do a larger vocabulary- say, 2000 words of connected speech— where the system isn’t trained to the particular speaker.”

—Jeffrey Bertolucci