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Morph Technologies DynaMorph

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Enables a Website or application developer to employ the power of CGI programming directly inside of HTML documents without the need for advanced PERL or C++ programming skills. The latest release makes it easier to build sophisticated Websites and Web-based applications. Version 1.5 adds database connectivity for all ODBC-compatible databases on Windows NT/95 and Mac servers as well as native database support for UNIX-based databases. Morph provides plug-ins for native support of mSQL and mySQL databases on UNIX platforms. Also available are PC- and Mac-Authorize plug-ins which enable real-time, credit card authorization directly from any Webserver. Applications include discussion forums, chat servers, on-line scholastic testing systems, interactive training, adaptive information publishing, product registration, and electronic commerce. A Website or application built using DynaMorph can be moved from one computer to another, independent of the operating system, and run with no additional effort required.