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NEC Versa 75E

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NEC's last entry in the E-series was in late 1994 with the Versa 75E, a 75MHz, intel 80486 DX4 based laptop computer with detachable screen and trackball. It was likely sold as a budget version/interrim to the Multimedia capable NEC Versa M/75 and budget-minded NEC Versa V/75 - sort of a mid-level model. It was likely taken off the market when the NEC Versa P/75 was released. The Model# is PC-460-xxxx

Technical Information

The NEC Versa 75E was released much the same as the 40E and 50E before it, except with a DX4 CPU - which came with SL (3.3v power) technology by default. The 75E was likely a short lived product, later eclipsed by the NEC Versa V/50 and NEC Versa V/75.

  • Intel 486 DX4 75MHz CPU
  • 4MB of RAM, expandable to 20MB using 4/8/12/16MB memory cards
  • Phoenix BIOS
  • 1.44MB Removable Floppy Drive, exchangable with a secondary battery
  • HDD "VersaPak" availible in 250, 320, or 540MB Capacities
  • WD 90C024 1MB SVGA Graphics
  • Choice of two, possibly 4 screens
    • 640x480 DSTN 9.4"
    • 640x480 Active Matrix 9.4" Color
    • Possibly availible with touch on both screens at added cost (3M MicroTouch)
  • PCMCIA Type II Slots x2
  • NiMH 7.2V 3400 mAH battery