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NEC Versa M/100

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The NEC Versa M/100 was a intel 80486 based notebook computer released in 1994 by NEC Technologies. It was a 33MHz bus version of the NEC Versa M/75. As such, it shares much the same specifications and submodels with the M/75.


The NEC Versa M/100 was released in 1994 with base models costing around $2000 and prices as high as $6500 for a fully featured color/touch/high resolution model with an 810MB HDD, and all the extras.

  • Intel 486 DX4-100MHz CPU
  • 8MB of RAM on-board, 40MB Total Memory via 4/8/12/16/32MB Proprietary RAM cards
  • 2x PCMCIA Type II/III Bus Slots, 16-bit, Cirrus controller
  • 1.44MB Removable 3.5" "VersaBay" Floppy Drive, could be swapped with a second battery for longer portable run times
  • 320, 540, and 810MB 44 pin IDE HDD in user-swappable tool-less "VersaPaks"
  • C&T 65545 1MB SVGA LCD Controller & Graphics Chip
  • Removable Displays of varying technologies
  • Crystal CS4231KQ WSS Compatible Audio
  • Shipped with MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1x Standard from the factory

Just like the M/75 the M/100 was availible in 2 different model#'s depending on if the base unit was designed for a "True Color" (TC) Screen or the regular array of Versa removable displays. These model #'s were...

  • PC-480-XXXX - M/100 capable of using standard displays
  • PC-580-XXXX - True Color Capable M/100 model(s)

The difference was a daughtercard attached to the motherboard under the CPU Board for the laptop that determined screen type on the M-Series

Screen options included....

  • DTSN Twisted Neumatic Kyocera LCD Panal, 640x480p, 64 shades of gray
  • (D) - DTSN Twisted Neumatic Kyocera LCD Panel, 640x480p, color
  • (C) - Active Matrix LCD Panel, 9.4", 640x480p, color, 4096 colors
  • (CP) - Active Matrix 9.4" LCD 2/ 640p color and Touch w/Pen
  • (HC) - Active Matrix 9.4" LCD in 800x600p, 4096 colors
  • (HC) - Active Matrix 10.4" LCD in 800x600p, 4096 colors
  • (TC) - Active Matrix 9.4" LCD in 640x480p with 24 million colors

DTSN Models used Kyocera built 9.4" LCD displays in both grayscale and color depending on year.

Color models, including those with pen, used NEC NL6448AC30-10 9.4" LCD Panels. These panels tend to age a bit to where certain graphics modes flicker lines around the screen a little

High Resolution color models used a NEC NL8060AC24-01 LCD Panel introduced on the Versa M/75 in late 1994, later this panel may have been updated to a 10.4" version often seen on late-model NEC Versa P/75.

The "True Color" TC Models used a different LCD Controller/adapter daughterboard and also utilized an industrial grade NEC NL6448AC30-09 LCD Panel capable of the 24 million colors.

Overall the Versa M/100 is a bit less common than the M/75 models were. This model was also availible as the AT&T Globalyst 250.

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