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NEC Versa S/33

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The NEC Versa S/33 was a notebook computer released in 1994 by NEC as a "Slimline" version of the then new Versa line of portables introduced in 1993. It was based on an intel 80486 microprocessor.

Technical Details

The NEC Versa S/33 was a part of the first generation of Versa laptops but uses an entirely different platform from the Ultralite/E/V/M/P series models of the same generation. Whereas the original models (Ultralite, 40/50/75E, V/50/75, M/75/100, and P/75) all utilized similar chassis, with all but the V-series featuring removable/user upgradable screens, the S-series was intended as a slimline compact model with a non-detachable screen, smaller capacity battery, external floppy drive, and a trackpoint. It also had a proper palm wrest rather than a large control panel in the space above the keyboard.


  • Intel 80486 DX 33MHz SL enhanced CPU
  • 4MB or 8MB of RAM, upgradable to 20 or 24MB
  • External 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • 120-350MB HDD, 2.5" IDE
  • Western Digital WD90C24 1MB SVGA Graphics Chipset with one of three screen options
    • 10.4" Monochrome Kyocera (S/33M)
    • 10.4" Color DTSN (S/33D)
    • 10.4" Active Matrix Color (S/33C)
  • 1x PCMCIA Slot
  • 1200mAH Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery
  • Unique Power Supply Design
  • VersaTrak Trackpoint located on the keyboard

The S-series also was released in a 66MHz model known as the Versa S/66 which is not a common machine to find these days. The S-series was produced until sometime in late 95' or early 96' and discontinued around the time the 2000 series came out.