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Title: Netware Question and Answer
Entry Number: 1828
Last Updated: 17 May 95
Document Revision: 195A

Keywords: Netware, Novell, file, transfer

Why does NEXTSTEP not recognize some Netware servers on my network?

The simple answer is that not all Netware servers are configured to use the same frame type.  Frame type configuration under NEXTSTEP is automatic, so generally there is no need to configure it.  When you boot NEXTSTEP, it sends out  Nearest Server Query broadcast packets to find the nearest server.  It tries twice using Ethernet-II framing, then  twice with 802.2 over 802.3, then twice using 802.2 with SNAP headers over 802.3 then twice using raw 802.3.  As soon as it gets a response from a server, it stops the search process, and configures itself to use the frame format which triggered the response.

If you want to override the automatic configuration, you can edit
/etc/rc.  Find the line which launches /usr/netware/etc/npsd, and
add command-line options to it.  Valid options are:

  -v                  << verbose mode >>
  -t ss               << change timeout on server responses to ss seconds >>
  -r nn               << try each frame type nn times before giving up >>
  -f ethernet_ii      << ethernet type II frame type >>
  -f ethernet_snap
  -f ethernet_802.2
  -f ethernet_802.3

For a complete description of npsd under NEXTSTEP 3.3, see the UNIX manual page.

There is no provision for communicating to different servers with different frame types.  This means that all servers on your network must be using the same frame type if you want NEXTSTEP to be able to access them all.

Valid for 3.2
Valid for 3.3

When I try to transfer files larger than a few bytes in size, the attempt fails and a panel says I am no longer logged into the Netware server. What is going on?

There is a bug in NeXTSTEP version 3.3 where if the Netware v3.12 server is using 802.3 frames you will not be able to transfer files over a few bytes in size. The fix is to have the Netware server use a framing type other then 802.3.  NeXTSTEP supports frame types: ethernet_ii, ethernet_snap, and  ethernet_802.2. There is nothing you will need to change in NeXTSTEP.
Valid for 3.3

After Ugrading from 3.2 to 3.3 I see all the NetWare file servers available.  I authenticate on one of the file servers, but can not see any of the directories or files on that server.  The only directory listed is "SYS".  What is going on?

The upgrade failed to update the file "/usr/lib/kern_loader/nuc/nuc_reloc". As "root" you'll need to copy the file off the NEXTSTEP 3.3 CDROM. You can do so with the command:

ditto /NEXTSTEP_3.3/usr/lib/kern_loader/nuc /usr/lib/kern_loader/nuc

Valid for 3.3

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