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NeXTSTEP Software Abandonware Licenses

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Lighthouse Design Suite

Note: these licenses cannot be used by anyone in Asian countries, where the apps are still being used

Name: Version: License:
AirMail 3.1.5 opppjldfd
Concurrence 2.77 544445qor
Diagram 2.5 llllkhjj
Equation Builder 3.3 dccdptqor
Filter Servicer
(for Concurrence, TaskMaster & Quantrix)
2.3 Not Needed
OpenWrite 2.1.8 452r04643
Converter Installer
(for OpenWrite)
2.1 Not Needed
(for OpenWrite)
2.0 Not Needed
ParaSheet 1.7 ghhhikrpr
Quantrix 2.3 8999dwtvr
TaskMaster 1.81 badkfetvn
VarioBuilder 3.22 Not Needed
VarioData 3.22 100056b9b
WetPaint 1.7 tsssqoprr

Miscellaneous Now-Free Apps

Name: Version: License: Footnote:
BeYap 1.27 fabb92a1 1 1 BeYapFree A
RBrowser 2.74 none needed B
PageChain 1.5b none needed C
MusicBuilder 1.2.2 60 61 fa e4 58 26 7e 0c none
PixelMagician 1.4.1e qYKH*mb::! D
Image Agent 1.2e S-WQLkGJLV D
Eloquent 2.02 fxMAn6L0oJ4B none
IconMaker 204 none none

Commercial Apps Gone to Shareware

There are a few apps which now have license strings, but which are not freeware.

If you use these apps, you should register with the company which spent time and money developing them.

Name: Version: License String: Cost: README :
NXFax 1.04 5e 1d 7f 84 53 d9 3f 33 $69 USD README
ProductionPartner 1.75 none $50 USD README

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