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NeXT Laser Printer Information

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Paper stops before coming out of the printer: The Rollers

I have bought a used NeXT but it didn't print. The rubber rollers didn't take the paper in the printer correctly. The rubber was too old.

I tried to get some replacement parts, but I got a quote of $160 for the whole mechanism. I didn't search any longer and fixed the printer myself.

Here is how.

How I Opened the printer:

1. I unplugged all the cables from the printer.

2. I removed both, the upper and lower plastic covers.

3. I removed the part of the mechanism that covers the very first rubber roller - the one which also has the opening button on it. I didn't unplug its cables, I just turned it out from the printer.

4. The axle of the rubber roller (the very first rubber roller) has an electromagnet at one end. I used an 'appropriately adjusted' paper clip to hold the electromagnet in the open position.

5. Now, the rubber roller can be easily accessed and also moved in one direction only.

How I renewed the rubber roller:

1. I used "Lintless Head Cleaning Shwabs" by GC Electronics.
(Made from foam, not cotton). With no chemicals on them (dry).

2. I have put on them "Rubber Cleaner Revitalizer" - PRB LINE.
Made for Projector Recorder Belt, part No. RCR-21.

3. I cleaned the rubber roller with the shwabs and revitalizer.

4. I have also cleaned all the other rubber rollers I could reach.
And I also have put some "Synthetic Hydrocarbon Grease" on the gears.
(PRB LINE, manufactured for Projector Recorder Belt, part No.608.)

Then I have put the printer together, tried, and the printer works.

Here is the address of Projector Recorder Belt:
Route 3 - Hwy 59
Whitewater WI 53190-0176

I have bought all the parts in a local store, but they told me that they also do mailorder:

Fulton Industrial Electronics
5830 So. Pennsylvania
Lansing, Michigan 48911
Phone (517) 394-5020

Some people have reported that they succeeded in sliding the rubber off the axle, turning it inside out and reusing it.

Some other people reported that they found a replacement rubber roller for cheap.

What would I have done if the printer didn't work: (I am happy, that I didn't have to do this)

1. I would have opened the printer as described above.

2. Then I would have put a very thin layer of silicon 'rubber-like' glue on the very first, problematic rubber roller.

3. I think that I would have used a finger to disperse the glue in a very thin layer.

4. Then I would have tapped the glue with my finger to make the surface of the glue more rough.

5. I would have waited for the glue to dry, put the printer together and if it prints.

If it didn't work, I would look for a replacement rubber roller. Well, I have fixed my printer and wanted to let you know how I did it and what my optional plans were.

Disclaimer: Notice that I have formulated every single sentence as 'what I did' and 'what I would have done'. So, I am not suggesting that you try it.

Paper stops before coming out of the printer: The GEAR

I followed these instructions to replace the fuser gear (subsequently to be called "the damn gear") in my own NeXTPrinter, and it was a real pain in the gluteus maximus.... however, if I did it, most creatures with opposable thumbs should be able to, with patience and (most importantly) CAREFUL NOTES. I didn't take careful notes, or I'd offer them to you.... I'd also know what to do with those 7 screws I've got left over.... Nonetheless, it is still working 4 years later.

Write down CLEARLY where each screw came from, and place them somewhere safe where you'll be able to keep track of them. If you take really good notes, send them to me and to the newsgroup (csn.hardware) and you'll be loved by all who own NeXT Hardware.

Ordering the Gear

From: John Michopoulos
Subject: NeXT printer gear: Ordering Info
Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 12:54:43 GMT

Remember the problem of the paper not coming all the way through the black printers??

The solution is to replace the 14 tooth gear in the fuser assemply with a new one. (You need a very long screwdriver to take off 4 screws holding the fuser assy. down after you take the top and side covers off). Thanks to all the kind people that responded I finally ordered nad replaced the gears on all of the printers with the problem.

As a small token of appreciation I post the detailed info to order them for future reference and perhaps for inclusion in the FAQs.....

1. Provider:
Tel. No. 516-467-3205

2. Gear:

14 tooth, Model Nu. RSI-0132

Keep in mind that this tooth has double the width of the original one and when you replace it you won't be able to put back the safty washer that was there for the old one. This does NOT create any problem though because the assembly cover plays the role of restricting the gear to not come out.

In August 1995 CHENESKO informed me that they were no longer taking on individual clients....
However, a new gear can be used, see below.

Date: 10 Apr 1996 18:32:02 -0700
Subject: NeXT Printer repair success story

I think I have a decent, available replacement part number for the infamous paper feed problem (Large rubber roller that picks up the paper) with the paper going 1/2 way into the printer & not feeding.

My printer was fixed with a (purportedly) hp replacement roller, part # RA1-8449-000 000 the cost is only a couple of bucks (less than four, I believe).

It looks a bit different (smaller diameter plastic spool with 1/4" thick rubber section). Nonetheless, it FITS. Perfectly. All feed problems were solved. As for a supplier, anyone that sells hp parts should be able to get it. I wheedled mine off of the repair shop on my campus, they are seeing if their supplier (a large printer parts company) will be willing to sell to individuals. This company also has stock on the small gear that causes the paper exit problems.

Replacing the Gear

From: (Jerry Stubbs)

If you continually get messages like, "sorry, the printer is jammed" and you have to pull each page out the last inch, you probably need to replace the 14 tooth gear in the output stage (fuser ass'y).

You can see this gear before you disassemble the printer, so that is a good first step. Then read these instructions all the way through and see if you want to attempt it. Next recommends replacing the entire fuser assy (big bucks) if the gear is damaged, but Chenesko,Inc., of Ronkonkoma, NY sells the gears for $2.31. The part number is RS1-0132. They recommended I also replace the 20 tooth gear, number RS1-0116, but I don't know if it is really necessary. Their phone number is 800-221-3516.

They no longer sell to individuals, see above

To examine your gear, open the rear (delivery ) door and undo the screw attaching the strap that keeps the door from opening down all the way. The gear is on the side nearest the power input to the printer.

There are two gears on the part of the delivery ass'y that swings down. The suspect gear engages the top one, but is mounted on the fixed portion of the fuser. Ours had several teeth missing and/or damaged. To get the gear off you have to remove the fuser ass'y. To remove the fuser you must open the printer lid fully, so it is straight up. To open the lid fully you must remove the case. To remove the case you must remove the plastic cover on the lid.

Are you getting the idea now? This will be a lot of fun, and take most of the afternoon. I hope you have a spacious, well-lit area, because there are a lot of screws, and a lot of them are painted black, so they are hard to see when you drop them, unless you drop them inside of the printer, where you might NEVER see them again.

Fortunately, as with all computer equipment, they seem to put lots of extras in, so just make sure there aren't any where they might do damage, like short out the mega KILOVOLT corona power supply, or grind into the REGISTRATION rollers. You do want your printouts to be straight, don't you?

So, if you're ready, here we go.

Be careful if you try this procedure. There are dangerous voltages present, and even if you are too chicken to work on it powered up, you could cut yourself, or drop the whole thing on your foot, thus voiding the warranty. Also, the printer won't work without the covers, because there are two secret switches that inform the NeXT CPU that someone "is fooling around with the printer again."

Most mere mortals will want to power down everything and disconnect the cables, etc. Remove the cartridge and paper trays, etc.

Remove the Lid Cover
Open the lid and remove 3 screws. They DO NOT have any red paint on them.

Remove the Back Door
There is one screw that holds the strap. When you can swing it clear down, you can squeeze the hinges together and remove the door.

Remove the Case
There are maybe seven screws that hold the case on. Four are right on top. Two are just inside the rear door area. Two are down inside where you store that green cleaning tool. 4 + 2 + 2 = 7, right? Say, who was the last guy that worked on this printer anyway?

The case has to be convinced that you really need to remove it, even when it is loose and all the screws are out.

Remove the FUSER Assembly
You will need a PHILLIPS screwdriver for this, as with the previous steps. But you will need a LONG one this time. Three of the screwsare pretty easy to find. Just study the lower part of the fuser, as it is screwed onto the bottom case. Two of the screws are inside. One is under the lid next to the gears, the other near the green cleaning tool. On the outside, in back, there is one on each side. One is under the white wires that connect the fuser to the 10 AMP circuit breaker, which is pretty near that gear, and close to the power input. Unplug that cable. Then remove the small black screw that holds the black plastic gear cover so you will have better access to the last screw. Then you will have to wrestle the fuser out the back of the printer. Be careful with it.

Disassemble the FUSER
There are several screws and a spring. It's not too hard to take apart. You can see the gear, so you just have to take off the covers on that end of the ass'y to get to it. I should caution you that I had trouble putting them back on, because they have funny shapes and don't make a lot of sense. Plus I was tired, so I went home, ate dinner, played with the dog, went to bed, got up and ate breakfast before I put it back together. You might want to label some parts, make some drawings, etc. to reassure yourself that you can put the parts back just like they were.

Remove the Gear
You can remove the gear pretty easily with a small screwdriver by unspringing the "E"-ring that holds it on the shaft. Try not to bend the e-ring.

Putting Everything Back Together
Sorry, I can't help you with this part (HA HA!) I told you you should read the instructions first. Maybe you should buy a new printer, or try to attach some third party printer via the serial port!

Well, if you got this far I hope you dropped little crumbs of bread so you can find your way back. I try to save all the little screws by putting them back in the holes they came from, or putting them in some small container. You might clean some of the gears or the paper path while you have it open. You can also install a new OZONE filter. Remember OZONE is hazardous to your health, so you don't want to inhale it.

A Few More Notes of Interest

Jacob Gore received gears for an Apple Laserwriter from Chenesko, which are similar enough to work, but with some modification.

Also, if the original gear is in fair condition, it can be reversed on the shaft until a replacement is ordered.

I ended up calling Bell-Atlantic (1-800-499-6398). One of the techies went and got a NeXTPrinter and pulled it apart to help me put mine back together. I got mine apart OK and the gear replaced, but had trouble getting it all back in one piece. [That was 1995, I am not sure anyone is still there who knows what a NeXT is.]

What kind of toner cartridges work with the NeXT LaserPrinter?

HP ref: HP 92295A (that is what you will see on the box)

Toner cartridge for HP Laserjet II, IID, III, IID

We are using HP LaserJet2 cartridges. I think that in addition they are the same as for HP LaserJet III - the Office Depot people should know. Canon E-PS Note: There are companies which will take your cartridge in exchange for a new one which will save you considerable amount of $$$, such as

What type of black and white laser printer can I use with my NeXT?

We use HP LaserJet 4M with PS, and HP DeskJet 1200C/PS, both with JetDirect Ethernet MIO. Since the black hardware does not have a parallel printer port, printing throughput for any large PS files (like FAX jobs from took forever via serial port. Now with ethernet, I don't miss the black printer, even for printing fax pages.

Whatever you get, consider ethernet option unless you are printing mainly just text.

For years I used a DeskJet 500 with the DOTS program, but if you print mostly text, one of the PD drivers will do.

With some commercial printer drivers you are able to run nearly ANY printer on NS, even without an own PS unit.

They use the NS internal PS for rendering, but you might get problems with the serial ports of the NeXT, they are simply to slow and most printers even don't have a serial port. The solution of the port problem are TCP/IP to parallel or a serial to parallel converters.

Please be careful with printers like the EPSON Stylus, or others with an RS422 interface. It can't be used with NeXT machines!

Maybe you want to test JetPilot or Dots: SUPPORTED PRINTERS:
This is a list of printers which are supported namely. If you have a printer which is not on this list, but offers a "compatible" mode, simply select the printer, which seems to be most likely. (all without warranty)

Canon_BJ...............most Canon Ink Jet printers
Canon_BJ_Color.........most Canon Ink Jet Color printers
Canon_BJ-10sx..........portable Canon Ink Jet
Canon_BJC4000..........Canon BJC4000 printer
HP_DeskJet.............DeskJet Classic
HP_DeskJetPlus.........DeskJet Plus
HP_DeskJet_310.........portable DeskJet 310 mono
HP_DeskJet_310C........portable DeskJet 310, color option
HP_DeskJet_320.........portable DeskJet 320 mono
HP_DeskJet_320C........portable DeskJet 320, color option
HP_DeskJet_500.........DeskJet 500 mono
HP_DeskJet_500C........DeskJet 500C color
HP_DeskJet_510.........DeskJet 510 mono
HP_DeskJet_520.........DeskJet 520 mono
HP_DeskJet_540.........DeskJet 540 mono
HP_DeskJet_540C........DeskJet 540C color
HP_DeskJet_550C........DeskJet 550C color
HP_DeskJet_560C........DeskJet 560C color
HP_DeskJet_660C........DeskJet 660C color
HP_DeskJet_850C........DeskJet 850C color
HP_DeskJet_1200C.......DeskJet 1200C color
HP_DeskJet_1200C_PS....DeskJet 1200C color PostScript
HP_DeskJet_1600C.......DeskJet 1600C color
HP_DeskJet_1600C_PS....DeskJet 1600CM color PostScript
HP_LaserJet............LaserJet Classic
HP_LaserJetII..........LaserJet II
HP_LaserJetIIP.........LaserJet IIp
HP_LaserJetIII.........LaserJet III
HP_LaserJetIIIP........LaserJet IIIp
HP_LaserJet_4..........LaserJet 4
HP_LaserJet_4Plus......LaserJet 4 plus
HP_LaserJet_4L.........LaserJet 4L
HP_LaserJet_4M.........LaserJet 4 PostScript
HP_LaserJet_4MPlus.....LaserJet 4 plus PostScript
HP_LaserJet_4ML........LaserJet 4L PostScript
HP_LaserJet_4MP........LaserJet 4p PostScript
HP_LaserJet_4P.........LaserJet 4p
HP_LaserJet_4Si........LaserJet 4Si
HP_LaserJet_4MSi.......LaserJet 4Si PostScript
HP_LaserJet_4V.........LaserJet 4V (DIN A3)
HP_LaserJet_4MV........LaserJet 4V PostScript
HP_LaserJet_5P.........LaserJet 5p
Epson_LQ...............EPSON LQ driver
Epson_EscP/2...........most Pin Writers (not only EPSON)
Epson_Stylus300........EPSON Stylus 300 driver
Epson_Stylus400........EPSON Stylus 400 driver
Epson_Stylus800........EPSON Stylus 800 driver
Epson_Stylus800plus....EPSON Stylus 800+ driver
Epson_Stylus1000.......EPSON Stylus 1000 driver
Epson_StylusColor......EPSON Stylus Color 720 dpi
Epson_StylusColorPro...EPSON Stylus Color Pro 720 dpi
Epson_StylusColorProXL.EPSON Stylus Color Pro XL 720 dpi

Date: 07 MAR 1996 16:49:30 +0100
From: Lars P. Fischer
Subject: Re: Printer Recommendations

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Waltrip <[email protected]> writes:

Charles> I'm looking for a laser printer [...]

The printers I'm using at the moment are

- HP LaserJet 4M Plus
- HP LaserJet 4 siMX
- Lexmark Optra Rt+

All of these are nice, realiable, easy to set up, comes with good network support, have good print quality and speed.

If I where to buy an extra printer right now I'd probably go with another Lexmark. Having the 1200 dpi option is cool, and trust me, if you're printing grayscale images, i.e., photographs and the like, the difference is remarkable. It's not that much better for text, but the difference is there, especially in text with a lot of math (small typesize and italics).

In 600 dpi mode the Lexmark is somewhat faster than the LJ4M+ and nearly as fast as the 4siMX. In 1200 dpi it's a good deal slower, but hey, the HPs can't do it at all.

All are available with duplex options, something I'd consider mandatory.

Whatever you do, go with a network version. Don't hassle with cables and having one kind of system spool to another, etc. It's not worth it. All of the above printers support multiprotocol network cards, i.e., they will talk to both LAN Manager, Novell, LPD, etc. at the same time.

If you want you UNIX boxes to do printer spooling for Windoze, Win95 or WNT, consider installing Samba on Unix. It'll provide trouble-free LanManager-style printing for PCs, and it's make your UNIX box a LM-style file server, too. Samba is free. (It'll let your UNIX box print to a LanManager server, too, but why would you do that?)

Lars P. Fischer

What type of COLOR laser printer can I use with my NeXT?

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 01:16:50 GMT
From: Robert La Ferla
Subject: Re: color laser printer for nextstep

You have three options: Lexmark Optra C, HP Color LaserJet 5, and the Tektronix Phaser 550. The Phaser is probably the best, followed by Lexmark and then HP. However, I haven't carefully looked at these so check the magazine reviews.


Date: 23 Apr 1996 10:02:47 GMT
From: Paul Lynch
Subject: Re: color laser printer for nextstep

I've used the Phaser (and earlier models), and it is a really excellent printer; I don't have experience of the others. The price is about $6,000+.

How do I turn on printer accounting?

In NetInfoManager open printers and double-click on Local_Printer and add a new key named "af" with value "/usr/adm/pracct". Then do a "touch /usr/adm/pracct". This is all.

To actually see the accounting information use the command "pac". This is very neat.

One final editorial note: Don't forget to clean out that air filter on the side of your printer from time-to-time!