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Historical information found on usenet in 1997.

FWIW - at least the Johnson Space Center did have some NeXT computers
until recently. I just walked thru the Surplus building (Building 422) and
there is a beautiful 19 in mono Black monitor sitting there waiting for an
Of course I alerted the folks at the nearby University - they have a NeXT 
: A small bunch of us at GSFC bought some Cubes in 1990.  We wanted computers that "just worked", and were not 
: happy with the mainframes or minis or micros we had been using.  These NeXTs are (mostly) still in daily use, 
: and working fine.  (What do you suppose has happened to the mains and minis and PCs and Macs that were bought


: per viewgraph, and went on for many hours --- he, and the NeXT, "just worked".  Jim had borrowed a Cube from 
: the family he had arranged for video/sound conferencing using stock NeXT equipment in 1992 (or so).