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Net Lessons: Web-Based Projects for Your Classroom

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ISBN: 1-56592-291-3

A guide for teachers on creating a K-12 curriculum for the Internet's World Wide Web. For teachers and school technology coordinators. The growth of the Web has made the Internet much more accessible to classroom teachers. It allows them to focus on education, not technology -- offering many sites customized to educators. The book helps teachers meet their curriculum goals by supplying them with Web-based activities and projects. A follow-up to NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet, Net Lessons features more than 100 K-12 classroom-tested lesson plans that harness the unique potentials of the Web, plus hundreds of extensions and ideas for all subject areas. Also provides curriculum frameworks for creating Web projects, assessment tools, including advice from other teachers who have used the Web in their classrooms. The book is practical in its approach, emphasizing that the Web's usefulness depends on how effectively you use it to achieve your goals. The activities and projects included in "Net Lessons" were chosen because they are both easy to implement and relevant to standard curriculum.