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Netscape Proxy

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As traffic across the Internet gateway and the wide area network grows at exponential rates, so does network congestion. This situation presents numerous challenges to network administrators, who need to manage network traffic, prevent access to inappropriate content, protect their network from viruses, and selectively allow encrypted traffic in and out.

Netscape Proxy Server software is a powerful system for replicating and filtering Web content. It significantly reduces network congestion, controls access to network resources, and facilitates encrypted traffic, all while maintaining low cost of ownership.

Proxy Server's efficient replication model requests data only when an end user needs it, dramatically reducing response times for clients accessing the Internet or an intranet and significantly lowering network costs. Replication-on-demand intelligently caches frequently accessed documents to conserve network bandwidth. Netscape Proxy Server maintains version control and document expiration information, so it can deliver fresh content. Replication-on-command also allows specific documents, directories, and sites to be downloaded in advance over the Internet or an intranet. This allows a corporation, for example, to replicate content to remote offices efficiently and transparently.

Proxy Server's fine-grained controls limit access to documents, directories, or sites, and includes categorized URL filtering services. It regulates access to resources based on user name and password combinations or on IP, host, or DNS wildcard expressions. Netscape Proxy Server also provides virus detection and filters by content type at the Internet gateway.

Scalability and high performance make Netscape's Proxy Server an optimal solution for seamless communication across an intranet or the Internet. Support for the Netscape Server Plug-in API allows incorporation of third-party technologies and customized in-house solutions.

Netscape Proxy Server operates on a high-performance HTTP engine. It supports HTTP extensions for byte ranges and "keep-alives," which improve performance in returning complex documents. Netscape Proxy Server architecture allows efficient caching of up to 128GB of data and 70 million unique URLs.

Netscape Proxy Server makes it easy for administrators to manage intelligent networks of proxy servers. They can chain proxies for hierarchical caching using proxy routing and the Automatic Proxy Configuration (APC) feature of Netscape Communicator. APC also permits modifications to the proxy infrastructure without touching client software on each desktop. Netscape Proxy Server also uses Netscape Communicator's intuitive interface for encrypted administration from a variety of locations on the network, and supports SNMP versions 1 and 2.

Networks are only as strong as their weakest link, which is often the gateway. Netscape Proxy Server enhances network security by providing a network control point for Internet traffic. It controls access to an external network, provides access through a firewall, and compiles logs of all transactions. Secure reverse proxying also allows Netscape Proxy Server to act as an intermediary for all clients connecting to a remote web server, accepting encrypted traffic on behalf of a web server protected behind a firewall. Netscape Proxy Server also provides added network reliability through automated response or fail-over to a secondary proxy when the network or a remote web server is unavailable.

Netscape Proxy Server provides faster, more reliable network performance while helping administrators control access to resources and monitor network traffic.


  • Provides efficient, transparent replication-on-demand of web documents, automatically routing HTTP requests to Netscape Proxy Server and returning current documents from the cache.
  • Downloads documents or entire sites to ensure that the busiest sites are cached and available. Replication-on-command allows content to be seamlessly replicated to remote sites. It also refreshes all data in the cache at specified intervals to ensure freshness and availability for periods of heavy use.
  • Provides remote sites with an accurate "hit count," even if documents are returned from the cache.
  • Supports proxy chaining for building hierarchical caches that improve performance on internal networks.


  • Controls access to network resources by granting or denying access based on user name and password; named groups; or IP-, DNS-, and host-based wildcard expressions.
  • Scans incoming files for viruses, over both HTTP and FTP, and alerts administrators when a virus has been detected. Includes access to regular pattern updates.
  • Provides content filtering for URL's, MIME types, and HTML tags.


  • Netscape Communicator's Automatic Proxy Configuration makes the proxy configuration transparent to end users.
  • Provides a consistent, cross-platform, easy-to-use administration environment through HTML forms. Encrypts communication using secure sockets layer (SSL) for protected remote administration
  • Supports SNMP versions 1 and 2 for standards-basic, remote monitoring and management.
  • Enables administrators to tune configurations without major planning efforts or high-risk implementations. Rollback to the previous stable configuration is available.


  • Delivers maximum throughput and supports new performance standards, such as HTTP byte-range extensions and keep-alives.
  • Efficiently caches up to 128GB, and can handle more than 70 million unique URLs in order to maximize the cache hit rate.


  • Encrypts communications using SSL 3.0, the latest version of the widely accepted Internet security standard.
  • Serves as an intermediary for all clients connecting to a remote web server. Secure reverse proxying provides an additional barrier for web servers and applications behind firewalls by accepting an SSL session from the client and creating a new SSL session with the server.
  • Logs all HTTP, FTP, and Gopher transactions in common or extended log formats, including referrer field, user agent, and transaction completion status.
  • Responds automatically if the network is unavailable, notifying clients.
  • Routes an HTTP request to a secondary proxy if the primary proxy is unavailable.
  • High-performance software for replicating and filtering Web content.

    Netscape Proxy Server replicates and filters web content, helping Network Administrators ease network congestion, protect intranet content and infrastructure, and control access to network resources. A key component of Netscape SuiteSpot, Netscape Proxy Server delivers superior value in four key areas: replication, content filtering and access control, performance, and enterprise management.


  • Replication on demand and on command.
  • Supports proxy routing for hierarchical caching.
  • Access control, URL filtering, and virus scanning.
  • Automatic Proxy Configuration.
  • Encrypted remote administration.
  • Supports automatic proxy fail-over and load balancing.
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