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New Apple IP Gateway Now Available - 10/1994

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New Apple IP Gateway Now Available
Dateline: CUPERTINO, California--October 18, 1994
Apple Computer, Inc. today announced availability of the Apple IP
Gateway, a new software server product for AppleTalk  users that, in
combination with Apple Remote Access products and MacTCP , enables
easy-to-use dial-up access to IP-based services such as the Internet.
The software can be used as a standalone IP Gateway server or in
combination with other Apple  products, such as the Apple Remote
Access Personal Server 2.0.1, Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server
2.0.1 or the Apple Internet Router 3.0.1.
The Apple IP Gateway works in conjunction with MacTCP, available on
Apple's System 7.5 operating system or as a standalone product.
MacTCP client software allows Macintosh  computers on IP networks to
communicate using TCP/IP protocols. With the Apple IP Gateway, the
MacTCP client can now be used on Macintosh computers connected to an
AppleTalk network.  The Gateway acts as a translator between
AppleTalk and TCP/IP network protocols, allowing Macintosh computers
on AppleTalk networks to access IP services as if they were on the IP
     Together with MacTCP, the IP Gateway enables multiprotocol
connectivity.  While accessing TCP/IP services, using tools such as
Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Gopher, World-Wide Web and
Wide-Area Information Servers (WAIS), customers continue to have full
access to their existing AppleTalk services. Customers can, for
instance, simultaneously connect to an AppleShare  file server
through AppleTalk and a UNIX host through FTP. Macintosh customers
can now easily get access to both AppleTalk and TCP/IP services from
the office, home or on the road with Apple Remote Access.
Availability and Pricing:
The Apple IP Gateway is a standalone software package and is
available through Apple authorized resellers at a Suggested Retail
Price of $249 in the U.S. Current customers in the U.S. with the
Apple Remote Access Personal Server 2.0.1 or MultiPort Server 2.0.1
or the Apple Internet Router 3.0.1 can purchase the IP Gateway at a
reduced Apple Price of $69 (with proof of purchase) by calling
1-800-769-2775 (ext. 5922).  Price and availability may vary outside
the U.S.