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Newton Internet Enabler

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The Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) is TCP/IP software from Apple Computer, Inc. that allows Newton users to connect a Newton device to the Internet, giving them all the information and capabilities available via the Internet and corporate intranets.

What is NIE?

NIE is enabling technology that runs in the background of the Newton Operating System on a Newton device, and should be virtually invisible to the user.Accessing the Internet from a Newton device with a modem requires NIE, as well as internet software, such as a web browser, e-mail software or other internet application software.

NIE Features

NIE offers the following features:

  • support for TCP and UDP protocols over PPP and SLIP
  • a domain name resolver
  • a dialer with scripting capability
  • support for PAP and CHAP authentication
  • SecurID card support

What You Need to Run NIE

Newton Device with Adequate Memory:

  • To use NIE 1.1, Apple strongly recommends that you use a Newton device with at least 1MB of system memory. The Newton MessagePad 120, because of its limited system memory, is not a supported configuration for NIE 1.1.

Newton Compatible Modem:

  • NIE works with many popular wired and wireless modems. Check the Newton Modem List for the most up-to-date information.

Latest Newton System Patch:

  • The latest System updates are required when using the Newton Internet Enabler. You may download the latest System Updates, from this site.

Internet Application Software:

  • NIE, by itself, does not perform a useful function. Users will need e-mail software, a web browser, or other internet software to do anything but simply establish an internet connection. Check the internet applications software page for a sampling of internet applications available for Newton devices.

Internet Connectivity

  • In order to use NIE and internet software, you will need an account with an Internet Service Provider or equivalent (e.g. your company or school).

Available Storage

  • NIE takes about 300K of storage on your Newton device. Keep in mind that you'll need additional space for any internet applications and their associated data.


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