No OpenGL Multipipe on Octane MXI/SI

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has any one had success in running open gl multipipe on early model octanes? I have a dual head (mxi/si) system and would like to use maya's gl driven dialogs like hypershade on the second head. I'm currently using xinerama but it only supports gl on the primary head. I'm running the latest version of IRIX (6.5.27)


The docs says that a Octane2(vpro) is needed when i remember correctly. But i now that some ppl have used 'rules override=yes' to install the package on octane1 machines... duno if it works.

just an update. I installed multipipe using rules override in swmgr. restarted gfx and it made not one bit of a difference :( Any gl based windows dragged from one head to the other failed to draw correctly.

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