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Now Utilities

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Now Utilities, from Now Software, Inc., is a popular suite of commercial diagnostic and system enhancement tools that add a host of features, enhancements, and repair utilities to your Mac's system. The individual modules that make up Now Utilities include:

• Now Folder Menus adds the capability to make folders in the icon view hierarchical by adding a black triangle to the folder icon. You can expand the folder into a hierarchical view by clicking and holding on the folder. A hierarchical listing of the folder’s contents appears.

• Now Menus enables you to arrange items in the Apple menu in any order you'd like, add separator bars to help you organize your Apple menu, and add additional hierarchical capabilities to the Apple menu. It also enables you to add up to two new pull-down menus to the menu bar to use as launchers for frequently used programs or documents.

• Now Profile gives you a detailed report on your Macintosh computer’s hardware and software configuration, including software version numbers, installed font listings, printer drivers, extensions , and more.

• Now QuickFiler enables you to view all files and folders on your drive in a window and enables you to edit, rename, move, and open selected files quickly and easily. Now QuickFiler also contains a find function for locating files on your hard disk.

• Now Save enables you to set up a time interval for automatic saving of any open documents.

• Now Scrapbook is a catalog of cut/copy and pastable items that you can arrange, sort, name, and retrieve, that helps you organize and store graphics, text files, sounds, and QuickTime movies you've placed into Now Scrapbook.

• Now Startup Manager manages the loading order of extensions, startup files, Chooser items, and control panels to help you isolate conflicts within your system. You can also create different sets of startup items for different applications or different users.

• Now SuperBoomerang adds four pop-up menus to the standard Open/Save dialog box. The Folder menu enables you to go to any of your most recently opened folders. The File menu enables you to go to the most recent files you've used. The Drive menu enables you to have instant access to any mounted disk, and the Options menu enables you to add folders, rename files or folders, and has a find function. Now SuperBoomerang also puts a recent file/folders menu on the Apple menu, but this feature is already built-in to System 7.5 and higher.

• Now WYSIWYG Menus enables you to customize the font menu in applications by making font names appear in their own typefaces, uniting font families, and enabling you to rearrange the sequence of fonts in the font menu for easy organization.

The latest version of Now Utilities (version 6.0) adds some new modules and updates the functionality of many of the existing modules. The new modules include:

• Now Auto Type enables you to create macros on the fly as you type commonly used phrases, such as your street address, Web URL address, signature, and so on.

• Now Shortcuts enables you to access a set of customizable Finder commands at any time by adding them to a "hot key" combination. If, for example, you've selected a folder, you can access commonly used Finder menu items without having to go up to the various menus by pressing the Now Shortcuts "hot key." A pop-up menu appears where your cursor is, and you can customize which items appear on this menu.

• Now Tabs enables you to have a small row of tabs across the bottom of the screen that give you one-click access to frequently used Finder windows. You could, for example, have your System Folder window, hard disk window, and Apple Menu Items window one click away by adding them to the Now Tabs module.