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Number Nine 9FX Reality 334

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9FX Reality 334 features a dual monitor capability under Windows NT 4.0 so that with two Reality 334's in one PC you can display your work on two separate monitors, increasing your viewable desktop size two-fold. Double your desktop; double your productivity!

Get the Fastest 3D hardware functions like MIP mapping, perspective correction, bi- and tri-linear filtering, transparency and atmospheric effects and Z-buffering. Render only the most realistic interactive scenes!

This is the next generation in digital video playback. 9FX Reality 334 incorporates a Streams Processor and scaling technology to ensure your favorite video clips play back at full screen, full frame rates. Say goodbye to choppy, blocky video clips, hello to brilliant full screen movies!

Plus, 9FX Reality 334 supports the S3 Scenic Highway LPB connection to provide an interface to MPEG-2 for easy DVD upgrades. Once DVD goes mainstream, you've got the means to make the upgrade, simply and easily.

HawkEye 95 provides the ultimate in display control utilities for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Within Windows, adjust screen refresh rates, increase the monitor's desktop area using DoubleWide or TwoTall Resolutions, open applications side-by-side and drag and drop between them. Plus, full on-line documentation is only a click away. And HawkEye drivers provide automatic support for Microsoft's DirectX.

  • S3d ViRGE GX-2
  • RAMDAC 202.5 Mhz (Integrated)
  • Bandwidth 64-bit

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