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Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2 Chip

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The Imagine 128 Series 2 is the second generation in the Imagine family of high performance visual processors. It is implemented in a 0.5 micron 3.3 volt CMOS gate array process. Packaged in a 352 PBGA, (Plastic Ball Grid Array), it provides increased performance and added functionality over its predecessor the Imagine 128 with reduced overall system cost.

The Imagine 128 Series 2 provides a high performance PCI 2.1 compliant interface with no additional external logic required. The Drawing Engine commands provide all of the normally required operations including: BIT BLT, Line, Triangle, Write Image, and Read Image. Software may interact with the Imagine 128 Series 2 by directly manipulating pixels through the Memory Windows interface.

The Imagine 128 Series 2 is implemented using a symmetric multi graphic processor (SMGP) architecture. This architecture allows the execution of two drawing commands simultaneously with totally independent parameters.


  • 33 MHz PCI 2.1 host interface clock.
  • Asynchronous graphic processor.
  • EDO Memory controller.
  • Integrated VGA.
  • Integrated display list processor.
  • Integrated display controller (for DRAM frame buffers).
  • Integrated Color space converter.
  • Integrated DIB Converter.
  • Directly supports 8, 16, 32 bits per pixel
  • Two Operand Bit Blts.
  • Scaling with X and Y interpolation.
  • Flat and shaded line drawing with patterning.
  • Flat and Gouraud shaded patterned triangles.
  • Shared Z buffer, frame buffer, and back buffer.
  • Hardware three dimensional volume clipping.
  • Sixteen bit logical addressing in both X and Y, and 32 bits in Z.
  • Two configurable Memory Windows.
  • High speed image transfer.

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