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Number Nine Revolution 3D

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The Extreme in Visual Acceleration for CAD, high-end desktop publishing, media creation, financial, medical imaging and scientific applications. Based on Ticket to Ride, the first 128-bit high performance chip to combine 3D Rendering, 2D acceleration and full screen video, Revolution 3D is the most rugged graphics accelerator for your PC.

Gain flexibility from the combined processing of 3D, 2D, and video with textures and Z-Buffering! Revolution 3D's highly integrated 3D and 2D drawing engine ensures seamless integration of all applications and graphics operations in a desktop environment.

All the right processing power in the right place! Revolution 3D fully implements floating point input and floating point multipliers in its setup engine. Only this unique combination relieves the CPU of intense graphic calculations, freeing up the CPU and system bus.

  • True 128-Bit Acceleration in 3D, 2D, and MPEG
  • Full 3D Acceleration with Consistent, Sustainable Performance
  • Extensive 3D Features for Direct3D and OpenGL APIs
  • 128-Bit Video Engine for Industry-leading Video Playback
  • User Configurable with up to 16MB of WRAM or 8MB of SGRAM
  • Memory Configuration: 4MB or 8MB WRAM, 4MB or 8MB SGRAM
  • DAC: 220 MHz
  • Bus Architecture: WRAM: PCI or AGP, SGRAM: AGP

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